Sara O’Brien & The Community Rocks Kids


Capturing the essence of being young and childlike wonder isn’t an easy task. While other musicians gravitate and are compelled to a variety of genres and even pioneering modern music, there are a select few of oh-so patient singers and artists that work solely with children. God bless the children and God bless their teachers…Sara O’Brien & The Community Rocks Kids,  have released their delightful album, Let Yourself Shine!

Recorded at a studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the band actually hails from Gloucester City, New Jersey. O’Brien and chorus of children have what it takes to keep the listener engaged and absolutely entertained. What else would you expect from someone that understands the attention span of little ones? Albeit, there are many adults with just as little attention span, but that’s another column. What struck me the most, besides the gregarious and entertaining aspect, were the musicality in the 11 tracks on Let Yourself Shine!

O’Brien wastes little time getting to the chorus in each track, but she also incorporates a multitude of pop flavorings, folk guitar riffs, rock guitar stretches, rap and even a bit of seasonal soundscapes. Your imagination runs wild while listening, thinking back to not only your own childhood, but I began wondering out loud just how it that someone could not be smiling and happy listening to these songs? I double-dog you to not be happy while listening to Let Yourself Shine!

For those parents and extended family members (don’t forget the foster parents), that aren’t necessarily game for Christian or religious-themed children’s music, this album would be a great addition to your child’s first musical library. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to argue with someone that doesn’t get their kid started on The Stones at an early age, but based on the rocking guitar music beds in these songs (especially “Loose Tooth”), you might find a compromise in O’Brien and her merry misfits offerings.

Besides “Loose Tooth” my other favorite tracks are “Make My Day” and “Rough Day.” Both songs come later in the album, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the other fillings. My adult ears had to remind myself of perspective during “Rough Day” as the lyrics talk about stepping into a puddle and getting wet shoes. If that were the worst thing that happened to me in a day, boy, I’d be having a great day! We take so much for granted. We really do. At one point during the song “Taking Turns And Sharing” they sing about sharing Legos. Now, stepping on a Lego would be a rough day. I’m just saying.

Let Yourself Shine is a prime reminder to just get lost in the music and enjoy life. Life’s too short to be wrapped up into darkness and chaos. Sometimes you need that break – no matter your age. There will be many moments and times for The Beatles, Nine Inch Nails, boy bands, Jay Z and whatever music tops the chart 15 years from now…let kids be kids.


Sebastian Cole