That Summer, Vol. 1 – Skinny Fresh “All I Need”


Emerging out of the underground and into his rightful space in the lexicon of pop music, Skinny Fresh drops his new track “All I Need” just in time for a summer that promises to bring a watershed of exciting new entertainers to the forefront of the industry. You could say that Skinny Fresh is one of the more exciting artists among them, with his reimagined 90’s style hip-hop beats being aesthetically overhauled and presented in a format that is uniquely 21st century and intoxicatingly addictive to listen to. Having opened for Ives Irie during his acclaimed Delinquent Habits European Tour, this phenomenally talented musician seems more than poised to not just make a statement with his work at this juncture of his career, but leave a lasting impression on a scene that is hungry for new leadership entering the 2020’s.

One thing that critics seem to be in total agreement of lately is the fact that hip-hop and its champions could stand to learn a lot by studying their forerunners’ studio ethic a little closer than they have been in recent years. Skinny Fresh is hardly worshiping the past or trying to reproduce a sound that isn’t relevant anymore, but it’s obvious on “All I Need” that he has a great appreciation for the artists that came before him and laid down the foundation for the craft that he’s refining today. The abrasive rhythms are cooled off by his melodic flow and nimble stylings with the microphone, and there are a variety of moments where it feels like we’re being churned in a whirlpool of sound that’s sucking us deeper into the vortex of his lyrical charms. That’s something that even the most legendary performers didn’t attain overnight, and it says a lot that Skinny Fresh is so adept and top level professionalism so early on in his journey.

Ideally when you’re making a song that’s going to see release over the summer, you’re creating a track that in essence resonates with the freewheeling, carefree vibes that are synonymous with the season. Exotically arranged and featuring a colorfully textured hook that is sensationally warm and inviting, “All I Need” fits the bill for everything that fans of rhythmic, easy listening melodic hip-hop look for in a hot summer single, and could easily fit into any playlist that celebrates the same themes, regardless of genre. As the lead off track to the eclectic compilation That Summer, Vol. 1 it meshes excellently alongside the brand’s finest indie acts and solid alternative offerings, and on its own could easily be a contender for the most original indie hip-hop track of 2018. I’m eager to see what else is in store for Skinny Fresh as his intriguing career continues to develop and unfold before us, and if he’s able to keep producing at this particularly high caliber, I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be a significant figure in the next decade of hip-hop’s evolution and domination over pop music charts both in the United States and abroad.


Sebastian Cole