Elvira Kalnik “Just Dance With It”

YOU  TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBsu_K1GinQ

Mainstream music journalists will have you believe that intellectually stimulating pop music is dead and gone in 2018. The idea that there could be anything other than pop music that supports some larger commercial premise, some thin line that separates it from the radio jingles being obsolete, is not only dangerous but an incredibly inaccurate portrayal of our current circumstances. Pop music isn’t just bridging the gap between the artistic world and the social world, but penetrating the consciousness of the theological and political realms of our planet as well right now, in ways that only dreamed of a half century ago. Among the most exciting and deep thinking artists that are propelling this movement forward is none other than Elvira Kalnik, an electronic singer/songwriter whose music is difficult to categorize but unmistakably authentic in every sense of the word. Her European roots are hardly smothered by her American persuasion, and her latest single “Just Dance With It” does nothing short of unite both sides of the Atlantic under one insatiably catchy groove.

One thing that Elvira Kalnik is going to become legendary for, in the years to come, is her incredible range of vocals. In “Just Dance With It,” she manages to not only harmonize with the general tone and rhythm of the track, but almost become like one of the instruments herself, her voice blending into the sonic might of the song in a wall of sound that is all at once overwhelming and yet somehow still comforting and well-timed out. They say it takes more than just a gorgeous set of pipes to make a song a hit, but Elvira straight up puts that theory to the test with this track, evenly and brilliantly showing off her skills with a microphone whole also showing tremendous respect to the familiar, warm beats that we’ve come to know her for since Peach Pink. If this is her at her most raw, god only knows how incredible she could be with additional weapons added to her sound.

Right now, the stage is being set for the future of pop music, and those who will influence it above all others. Innovation appears to be starting in the studio and branching outward as this new generation of artists expand upon the sonic possibilities that technology has afforded them. Personally, I couldn’t be any more excited to see and hear what happens next than when I listen to a song like “Just Dance With It,” which not only gives me the impression that the future is going to come fully loaded with huge beats that never stop thumping and harmonies that put my entire concept of melodic music into question, but that these new, mystical sounds are going to be delivered by artists who genuinely have a conscience when it comes to their place in pop history. With all of that considered, Elvira Kalnik isn’t just dispatching a fascinating set of verses set to infectious music; she’s doing her part to push us forward, into the future, no matter how unknown or scary it may appear.

BANDCAMP: https://elvirakalnik.bandcamp.com/track/just-dance-with-it

Sebastian Cole