Micah Elloh “Give Me More”

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v_OQnpr0pU

Ideally, with any format or any artist, all of the moving parts of a song work together in perfect harmony to make something that isn’t just groove packed, but functions cohesively as one solid entity rather than individual pieces that can be picked apart. Young musicians in search of a prime example of this concept executed with superb precision would be wise to check out Micah Elloh’s new song “Give Me More,” his debut single and an exquisite foray into his burgeoning recording career. There’s a lot of negative influences on up and coming artists these days, and among the half-baked ideas that they perpetuate, the theory that anyone can hit it big these days thanks to social media has got to be the most moronic – and perhaps the most dangerous. Micah Elloh and other independent musicians like him face an uphill battle in this business that is all the harsher in the 21st century because of the advent of social media. Taking that into consideration, his sudden acclaim and attention from audiences and critics alike is all the more remarkable and worth taking note of.

In pop music, it’s unfortunate that when a lot of our favorite breakout acts reach a certain peak in their fame and suddenly plateau creatively, choosing to fall back on old formulas and dated directions rather than exploring what their artistic capacities can really produce when pushed to their absolute limits. While it is very early to declare, where, or what the identity of Micah Elloh will consist of when he does reach the chart topping status that he so passionately pursues, but if “Give Me More” gives us any clues or insight into the future, I don’t think we need to worry about this songwriter selling out any time soon. What gives me that perception is the fact that although he so clearly has the ability to sell a song, with charisma and charm in spades and a honey like voice that could skillfully handle any sort of material that you through its way, he’s focused on refining his craft in total, from the little parts to the big picture, and that’s not typical of the dejected, jaded popstar that leaves the details to the producers.

“Give Me More” is very much a radio ready pop song that is going to find itself very comfortable both in the FM setting as much as it does college and specialty radio, and that’s a rare quality to have in a single these days. Right now it feels like the left field of music has never been further from what the establishment is playing via mainstream media, and seeing an artist who can appeal to both sides of the crowd isn’t just exciting to watch, it’s actually inspiring as a music enthusiast. Hopefully it won’t be too long before Elloh dispenses a full length album of tracks on par with “Give Me More,” which I can tell you now is one of the most well-rounded and professional grade debuts from an artist that we’re going to hear in 2018.

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Sebastian Cole