MkX drops new Single


While having a beat that’s catchy and hooky tones that stick out in a person’s memory, clever lyricism can make any song, no matter what genre, how long or short, a solid gold lucrative hit for an artist. Poetry is a difficult task to master, and songwriting isn’t much different. When a burgeoning artist gets the attention of the crowd early on for their music, it’s expected as a part of the growing process for a young act. But when they start getting second looks and third listens because of the content of their words, that’s a sign that we might be onto something different. Something special. And no often, but sometimes, it’s something that’s possibly revolutionary. After exploding onto the scene with his hit songs “The Look” and “Ghost,” which both took online streaming sites by storm upon their official release, MkX is back to prove that not only does he have the lyrical chops of some of the biggest and most gifted names in the business, but he’s not afraid to show us how experimental and surreal he can be with his prose, either. Bold people make bold statements, and his latest song “One Sided Love” could be described as a very intentional, much magnified message to his contemporaries; MkX has arrived, and we need to get used to it.


The relationship between fashion and music has always been a close one going back long before the days of the mods and Andy Warhol and the Velvets, etcetera. Fashion and music share the fact that they’re two of the most easily and readily accessible forms of self-expression that we have in our society, and they’re privileges that are valued by people from all corners of the globe. Last autumn, MkX performed at the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall’s live event for the season and was hailed as the biggest highlight of the affair, and it’s not puzzling to me in the least bit as to the reason why. MkX’s syncopated rhythms that come dripping with bravado and snazzy moves that are enough to make a disco record spontaneously combust are the perfect pairing for the fashion world, and his stage presence makes him an equally fitting attribute of the culture that has been built around beauty and the aesthetic of social relevance.


Our pop culture has always and will always be shaped by the youth in any given generation, as young people are always the most vibrantly active contributors to every portion of an era from beginning to end. MkX has everything it takes to be a face for his generation to look towards as an icon, a performer and a steward of the ancient tradition of music, and if he continues to put out music as attractive and well thought out as “One Sided Love,” there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll be ruling over his peers for the next decade or more to come. And hey, when you consider some of the lackluster alternatives, it’s not such a bad idea. Turn on your radio you are bound to hear One Sided Love burning up the airwaves.

Sebastian Cole