Oddnote is “Mystified”

URL: https://www.oddnote.net/

Rock music is at a very critical turning point in its long and storied history right now. For the first time in a couple of generations, rock isn’t the biggest, most dominant force on the charts anymore, and the genre has become incredibly diversified, encompassing a vast number of influences that have, to a certain degree, forever changed the direction and street level persona of rock music as a whole. But if there is one thing in pop culture that is so stubborn that it could never change, it’s the rock n’ roll identity, which thanks to Tennessee ramblers Oddnote is alive, well, and kicking some major butt via their brand new single “Mystified” .

If you live in the southern United States and follow the music underground, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve likely crossed paths with Oddnote at some point in the last year since their inception. In that short time, this five piece sheer juggernaut has garnered a lot of attention from both critics and audiences alike for their now signature stage and studio presence that is unrivaled, especially for such a young union of musicians. Conquering the Nashville scene has been the primary objective on their agenda for the last twelve months, but now that it looks like they might be reaching the top of the heap, their focus has changed towards the national stage, and as both a professional music critic and just someone who truly loves rock n’ roll, “Mystified” is a pretty good place to start.

Oddnote are an alternative rock band very much in the vein of the Seattle sound circa early 90’s, but don’t get the idea that they’re trying to recreate the past. The key distinction that exists between Oddnote and bands who worship Nirvana excessively is in the group’s staunchly anti-nihilistic narratives and optimistic outlook amidst all of the dirge and destruction coming from the amplifiers. These qualities, coupled with relevant lyrics, go a long way to establishing them not as a throwback, but as a unit that is looking forward into the future like none of their contemporaries wish to do (because they know that in any case, the future will most certainly not include them). Fans of chest beating, ferocious rock that tears down the walls and lets care and concern dispel into the wind will definitely want to check out “Mystified” and all of the work that Oddnote are working on developing right now. Today it’s Nashville, but tomorrow looks to be holding a lot bigger things and places for this quintet than just bar gigs in the American south. If they continue to produce content that is as exceptionally compelling and memorable as what we can see and hear on “Mystified,” I highly doubt that this will be the last time that I’m writing a rave review about this exciting new band. And personally, I really do hope that we won’t have to wait too long to hear a little more from these guys.

Sebastian Cole