Conceptz – Splash


The tandem of Short Fuze and Highrowglyphfix, collectively known as Conceptz, begins the song “Splash” with a definitive opening announcing their intentions. Their new single wants to entertain and maybe even titillate the listener a little, though the latter quality in the song is never carried off to extremes. Male and female hip hop fans alike can appreciate the silky rhythms and pacing of the duo’s latest song and it serves further notice that this twosome are marching onward with their plans to leave a lasting musical legacy behind them. While it’s true that the track doesn’t attempt to remake the songwriting wheel, it does boast a singular energy and manner all their own. “Splash” writes about romance/sexual relations in a language all their own and their vocal talents, every bit as smooth as the musical arrangement, have a mark distinctive to these performers.

Fans of the genre will love their lyrical talents as they spin wild, winding lines throughout the song dovetailing into the arrangement and they bring a wealth of personality to the song’s mood. It alternates between outright, but never offensive to me, lasciviousness and playful bragging, but there’s a real edge to the song too that’s thoroughly modern. They bring the heat, in certain ways, thanks to how the vocals and arrangement play off one another, but the dueling vocal styles likewise bring a lot of that out of this song. There’s just enough of the vocals and music alike, neither aspect outweighing the other in a glaring way, and the vocals give more push to the performance it might otherwise lack.

They are impressive lyricists, packing much detail into their lines, but they do it in a way that’s all their own. The percussion answers them throughout and it’s well produced. Benny Blanco’s contributions to the song as a guest definitely light a hotter fire with Conceptz than we heard with their earlier single “Fall”, no slight at all meant to that fine cut, and the video coming along with “Splash” is sure to make a positive impression with many viewers and build much buzz for the duo and their single alike. The attention to detail and high quality filming of the video definitely sets them apart from other DIY indie ilk and, in its own way, illustrates the duo’s ambition and commitment they’ve made to their own careers.

Conceptz is going places, but they haven’t even reached their peak yet and it’s thrilling to consider what they will be increasingly capable of. They have their sights set on widespread stardom, but it’ll come on their terms if it comes it all and they are positioning themselves as genuine musical artists rather than flash in the pan entertainers. Newcomers should stick with following this duo for the foreseeable future because “Splash” is clearly harbinger of continued greatness to come.


Sebastan Cole