Izzy Escobar – Broken Wings

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPdD4s5XEZU

Throughout most of her life, Izzy Escobar has been creating music. Growing up in less than ideal circumstances, much of the abuse and neglect that she was forced to endure as a child forged the deep emotional bond that she shares with her medium to this day. Now, in 2018, she’s channeling all of the pain, tenacity and courage that has taken her this far in life into sheer might in her brand new single “Broken Wings,” which is currently taking the pop music world by storm with its inspiration message of self-empowerment. I had the chance to listen to “Broken Wings” and check out its accompanying music video before both were unleashed to the public this past June and was taken aback by the skill that I was able to witness both sonically and visually.

A lot of music can inspire us, and in a variety of ways. Love songs can help us believe in the possibility of finding that special connection that only exists with another person. Songs about war can make us question why we find so much to fight with each other about instead of focusing on things that we have in common. “Broken Wings” takes us down to the very bottom, to the core of heart wrenching self-doubt and shows us how we can rebuild, brick by brick, until we’re strong enough to take on anything. Using reflective, personal lyrics and a beat that is both affectionately simple yet wrapped in stunningly bright melody, we are actually able to listen to the rise of phoenix from the ashes. The experience is a vulnerable one for Escobar, and an incredibly intimate one for the listener.

Pop music is at the point right now where the narrative is defiantly different than it ever has been before in the industry. No longer does the bubblegum and soda formula work for millennials that are genuinely interested in evolving and improving on the world that they see around them. The notion that pop music can afford to continue to perpetuate stereotypical themes of young lust and cheap thrills and remain relevant within the context of our modern culture is futile. The reality is that deeper thinking artists like Izzy Escobar are the ones taking control of this business, and not wasting any time in doing so. “Broken Wings” is representative of the first chapter in her story, and it’s clear that Escobar has a very long and important story to tell us, whether we’re ready for it or not.

I like to believe that as a society we are in fact ready for intelligent pop music that goes beyond the surface and once again affects our lives and the adversities that they often times include. This generation is committed to taking collective consciousness to the next level, and thanks to Izzy Escobar and other indie musicians like her, the journey is going to be soundtracked by music that is both thought provoking and packed with high caliber talent and attention to detail through and through.

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Sebastian Cole