Seconds Before Landing release Trio: Volume 1


Trio: Volume 1 is a new extended play by Pennsylvania indie prog outfit Seconds Before Landing, and as its name implies, it is the first in a series of new recordings by the sensationally buzzed group. While a more complete review will require listening to this record and the records that are soon to follow it, there is definitely a lot to behold and appreciate about Volume 1 and the glimpse into the future that it has to offer. Like the first chapter of any good book, it doesn’t take long for this EP to reach out and grab our attention, holding us steady from the very beginning through until the very end.

To start, it must be said that the style of experimentalism that Seconds Before Landing employ in the bulk of their work released up until now has been unrivaled in both their local music scene and in the national spectrum. With that considered, I’m here to inform you that Trio: Volume 1 kicks things up a notch. If you found SBL’s approach to constructing an enigmatic, psychedelic-tinged journey to the center of your mind was awesome before, you’re about to be blow away by the content offered up in this EP.

It could be argued that their sonic depth is among the most provocative in rock post-2000, and Volume 1 goes a long way to backing that theory up. There’s plenty of Pink Floyd style progressive drama sans the big egos that ultimately split that band up. These cats seem to work in such perfect harmony together, playing off of each other’s cues in such total synchronicity; it never once feels like any one musician or set of instrumentation is competing for attention over another. Everything melds together excellently, which can be the biggest struggle for any band making this type of music, or any pop music for that matter.

Despite its short running time, Trio: Volume 1 has been one of the most anticipated releases of 2018, and it definitely lives up to the hype. Now That I Have Your Attention, their gorgeously appointed full-length that was released in 2017, primed listeners for the kind of expansive, boundless adventure that this collection of releases guarantees to contain, and in the transition from college radio to the traditional FM format, I think they’re going to pick up a lot of new fans along the way. In a rare twist of events, this EP isn’t just their most accessible recording yet, it’s their most calculated.

Bands that are just starting out, making rock n’ roll or anything else, could stand to learn an awful lot from SBL’s devotion to the little details that make a song an anthem. Rather than rushing through the stages of recording, this band spends time harvesting each aspect of their colorful sound. A lot of musicians have the skills to be stars, but very few put in the kind of hours and serious mental and physical labor that is required to make a record as captivating as this one. Let me tell you, it’s well worth the effort.

Sebastian Cole