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Alya Michelson’s biography testifies to the importance of staying focused on your dreams and heeding your inner voice. Michelson wanted to be a singer and musician from childhood, but her well-intentioned parents urged her to find a more practical living and she relented by attending Moscow State University where she distinguished herself as an exceptional student and earned a journalism degree. She parlayed the degree into a rewarding career serving in public relations, television and print, but continued pursuing her artistic dreams in her downtime. The multi-lingual Michelson composed songs in Japanese and it resulted in her first musical endeavor Japanica, but the experience taught Michelson she didn’t relish working in a vacuum and, instead, preferred collaborating with others to meet her artistic aims. In 2012, she made a crucial decision and left her career behind in favor of trying to make her musical ambitions a reality.

“Puppet Strings”, her new single, proves it was an astute decision. Two soon to be released versions of her debut album, one in English and the second in Japanese, promise a mix of modern pop sounds, Japanese folk, jazz, and classical music, among other elements, but this new single has an effectively constrained drive leaning more towards the jazz, pop, and classical side of the spectrum. The single begins with well defined upright bass dueling with Michelson’s scat singing, but the introduction of drums to the song amps up the urgency in a notable way. There’s a clear intelligence defining both the arrangement and the song’s flow, but it’s nonetheless open to every kind of music listener and even the personal nature of the songwriting isn’t any obstacle to connecting with the tune. Instead, it makes for a much richer listening experience than we might have otherwise encountered.

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Her vocal talents are considered, deliberate, but sparkling with inspiration. She is deeply committed to the song’s lyrical content without ever allowing the song to descend into bathos and there’s a lulling quality to her soft croon during some passages that definitely has a dreamy feel. She’s completely in tune with the song’s progression and brings her voice to even greater peaks with the song’s chorus and this pay off moment for the song benefits, as well, from the powerful musical accompaniment joining her singing. The vocal melody is, arguably, the strongest pop element of the song, but that’s no slight. It sweetens the lightly challenging musical aspects of the song.

Alya speaks four languages, has classical training as a singer, possesses a potent visual sense coming through both her visual media and songwriting alike, and has a disciplined approach to everything she does. It has an exceptional effect on “Puppet Strings” and we can only expect it to carry over to future tracks, including her full length releases. Few singles in 2018 impress more with their artistry and potential. Alya Michelson is now on a path truest to her heart and her clear love of the music shines through every second of “Puppet Strings” while inviting us back for more.

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