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With a blistering burst of electric white heat, Broken Baby dives into the scolding “Hello from the Other Side of Hell No” like nobody’s business and show everyone in America why they’re California’s number one rock band at the moment. Singer Amber Bollinger wails her way through some of the most articulate lyrics in all of punk rock and distinguishes herself from her closest rivals by literally showing us that she can bend her range to wherever the rhythm goes. Alex Dezen, the other half of Broken Baby, gives her quite the challenge but she still keeps up; if anything she ends up giving him a run for his money in a couple of places. Like a tinderbox “Hello from the Other Side of Hell No” lights up from the slightest sparks emitted from the flickering flame of the band and represent one reason why Broken Baby’s self-titled LP is the required record purchase of 2018. A follow up to their 2017 debut extended play, Broken Baby’s latest offering is their best so far and exhibits a band that is ready to rock the world.

Rock n’ roll has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Unlike the majority of alternative rock groups who dotted the landscape back in the 90s, bands today have a lot more critical and aesthetical demands placed on them that at one time would have been next to impossible to satisfy. Organic music, or at least the artists who are assigned the label, requires that an artist put more colorful texture into every portion of the music rather than composing a song around a singular concept. Somehow Broken Baby have found a way of keeping the simplicity that made punk rock so attractive back in the day whilst also embracing the complicated procedure of producing a high definition rock record up to today’s consumer’s standards. We’re able to take in even the slightest nuances in their sonic profile to the point where even the most discriminating music enthusiast wouldn’t be able to find a cloudy moment in the record, and that’s pretty impressive considering that Broken Baby haven’t even been together all that long.

Time is on Broken Baby’s side, and now we’ll see if the international market is ready for their futuristic brand of punk rock or not. Something tells me that this album is going to sell really well in Europe and abroad but that it might take a little longer to get its hooks into the mainland United States. Californians have already become well acquainted with Broken Baby’s sound in the last couple of years, but unfortunately I’ve found that California and Europe both tend to appreciate gems before the rest of the world does. This is an excellent foray onto the big stage though, and I think that over time Broken Baby has a good shot of becoming one of the more relevant and respected active bands in rock music. There’s been a shortage of true blue rock n’ roll for too long, and it’s nice to see someone finally doing something about that.

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Sebastian Cole