With “Love My Body,” the latest single from critically acclaimed R&B singer/songwriter Mikey See, audiences in both the United States and abroad are treated to some of the most fantastically textured pop music we’ve heard in over a quarter century. From one end of the spectrum to the next, listeners have been begging for more since the release of See’s self-titled EP earlier this year, and the hype has been hard to ignore if you’ve been following indie music. Rarely does an artist have this kind of exposure so early on in their career, but Mikey See is hardly wasting his platform on petty interests and vulgar self-appreciation. Instead he’s using the spotlight to make a difference in people’s lives with a message of love, hope and unity that is sorely needed in the world today.


Assertiveness is the key to success in life, and “Love My Body” features an empowering collection of lyrics that are guaranteed to get you standing proud and feeling good about yourself after just a single listen. Musically the song is eclectically stylized, committing its beat to free jazz while allowing See to punctuate the rhythm with his trademark smoky vocal. The duality that exists between the simplicity of the lyrics and the tenacity of the music is quite reflective of this generation of innovators we see staking a claim to pop culture right now; their statements are timeless, but their delivery is nothing but unique to this moment in history where seemingly everything is on the line.

Mikey See shows us how incredibly adept he is at distributing harmonious vocals amidst a wave of sonic rigidity in this song, and his dexterity is absolutely stunning when experienced via a big set of speakers. If we listen closely enough, we can hear the emotion in his voice as he struggles to chip away at the enormous melodies circling around him. His artful means of adding color to the music with the slightest nuance is impressive for any artist, let alone someone so new to the recording experience. There’s actually a lot of pros who have been around longer than he has who could stand to learn something from his approach to songwriting and execution of performance


“Love My Body” is one of the hottest singles of the summer without a question, and it’s starting to look like one of the most well-received songs of the year, from a newbie or otherwise. Mikey See isn’t a polarizing character or an artist who enjoys the embrace of controversy or politicization. He’s a musician who cares a lot about the world that inspires his craft, and his unapologetic resilience as a poet and as a singer display a love of expressiveness that deserves to be celebrated by anyone who appreciates art. I do look forward to hearing what he comes up with in the studio next, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the ripple effect of what his music does outside of the studio is just as intriguing.

Sebastian Cole