Spring City – Back on Our Streets

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I can only imagine winters in Sweden are a magically still time of the year and I’ve definitely projected a little bit of that feeling on the single “Back on Our Streets”. This song from Spring City, a female vocal three piece hailing from a small Swedish city named Malmbäck, is a very delicate sounding tune that the vocal talents of Annielle, Noomi, and Miah match with their strong yet sensitive voices. The exquisitely rendered production captures every relevant nuance of their singing, but it does an exceptional job capturing the music as well, particularly the crisp acoustic playing accompanying the trio throughout the song’s entirety. Rather than serving listeners some quasi pop song with traditional instrumentation, “Back on Our Streets” comes closer to outright singer/songwriter folk while still retaining clear commercial potential.

The melodic strengths of the song are the biggest reason why and that strength begins with the singing. The verses are led by a single performer to great effect, but one of the biggest payoffs for “Back on Our Streets” arrives when the three singers weave their voices together. It’s a transcendent moment when the song raises another notch in intensity and brings listeners along for the ride. Everything in the song builds to those moments and there’s a steady escalation towards the refrain that illustrates how well they work together as writers, not just performers.

The acoustic playing has a remarkably fluid touch without ever being unnecessarily flashy and hearing how the six string work maintains that careful balance is one of the most entertaining aspects of the song. The first half of the song is dominated by the interplay between the guitar and vocals, but the full band comes in later on and the gradual ramping up of the song’s tempo is handled quite well. There’s never an instance when the songwriting pushes too hard on listeners and, instead, has an understated urgency that makes it all the more memorable. There’s little doubt that the trio worked hard to bring this song together but, like the greatest of talents, “Back on Our Streets” makes it sound easy.

The lyrics are quite good. It’s refreshing to hear how Spring City has applied every bit as much attention to crafting strong lyrical content to match the surrounding musical excellence and the suggestion of autobiographical touches with the songwriting gives it an even stronger feeling of intimacy. Few singles you’ll hear in recent memory are as all around satisfying as “Back on Our Streets” and the construction going into making this tune so good reflects the skill these songwriters possess. If this is a signal of what awaits us with the band’s upcoming EP release, we’re in good hands. Spring City’s three singers have known each other since childhood and you can hear those deep connections running throughout this song. Sweden has produced notable acts on the global stage and there’s no reason to expect Spring City won’t soon join their rarefied air. “Back on Our Streets” runs nearly four minutes long, but the time goes by in a blink as the trio transports listeners to another world with breathtaking effortlessness.

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Sebastian Cole