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Switzerland based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ajay Mathur has been on a wild ride since his Grammy nomination back in 2016, and his new extended play, titled simply Little Boat, is taking the world of pop music by storm this fall. Sporting two brand new songs from the cult icon, Little Boat is a modest recording that puts a lot of stock in the creative ethos of its songwriter above emphasizing the gravity of its craft. Some artists have tried to make similarly minimalistic records and failed miserably, but for Ajay Mathur recording and performing has always been about putting quality over quantity, and that is the precise narrative of his latest release.

Mathur’s approach to making a song is heavily steeped in the art of surprise. He’s made a committed effort to never reusing the same formula, and Little Boat shows off some of his most diversely stylized ideas yet. The flexible tones of both “My Wallet is a House of Cards” and the more experimental “Forget About Tomorrow” beg for us to look closer and study their opulence. There’s a pop sensibility that makes both songs ready for airplay, but we never get the impression that Mathur had to soften any of his edges or sell out his artistic values to make them as accessible as they are.

“My Wallet is a House of Cards” may well be the most exhilarating rock song that I’ve heard in years, and it isn’t just because of the sterling guitar wallop that it relentlessly assaults us with. Like a lot of classic rock songs, “Wallet” is evenly distributed and beat-driven; for every thunderous riff that stampedes through our speakers there’s a melodic lyric waiting to tame it, and even when the drums are getting so violent that it feels like our stereo could crumble under their weight, Mathur is careful to reign them in before we become overwhelmed by the intensity.

Little Boat above all else is a stylish pop record that hints at what it’s master craftsman might be planning for his next full length album. The hallmarks of his earlier work still make an appearance in this EP, but they’re much more cutting and nimble than previously presented. I think that Ajay Mathur is growing as an artist and a performer, and he might be losing interest in targeting only one audience over another. His sound has evolved into something much grander and vibrant, thus making his persona all the more appealing.

From top to bottom, you’d be hard pressed to find (or make) a record that can beat the authentically hypnotic grooves found in Little Boat, though my gut tells me that plenty of Mathur’s closest rivals will certainly try. His influence across the globe has been spreading like wildfire, and though some might shudder at the idea of copycats trying to capitalize on his sound, personally I think that he could serve as a good role model for young independent artists trying to get their start in this business. It would certainly make my job as a critic a lot more exciting, not to mention consistently enjoyable.

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AJ Mathur’s music has been heard all over the world due to the radio plugging services offered by Musik Radio Promotions. Learn more – HTTPS://musikandfilm.com

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