Calling to mind the warmth of Beatle-esque 60s vibe with a steady procession of thought-provoking imagery, Ajay Mathur’s track “Start Living Again” is freshly coated with acoustic guitars, wisps of percussion and firmly positioned as a key track to his 2018 album, Little Boat. Mathur’s tethering of love and humanistic emotions are coupled with his innate ability to sing in the same way a lullaby calms a baby – making for a splendid song.

What I liked most about “Start Living Again” is the musical arrangement. The guitar work is expressive and seeps quietly, yet purposefully, into the song’s backbone. It all comes together with the pairing of Mathur’s exquisite vocals. As mentioned above, the calm delivery is a key part of the song’s success. It’s as if Mathur’s reassurance swallows any feelings of being nothing. He’s tested the waters, it seems, and he’s come back to share with his flock the waves are high and scary, but as humans you can get through it. “I’m not the only one” he sings with little resistance; his words pierce with invisible touching.

The percussion is perfection.  It never felt overwhelming or engulfed my experience. It’s not a traditional dance song, but it could be a nice motivation song for your morning playlist. Some people need that daily affirmation and “Start Living Again” could be just as powerful as that meme quote you saw online last week. This song will stay with you. Again, it’s his voice that mesmerized me into a journey of the heart. “Start Living Again” inspired.


Some have called Mathur’s songs “new Americana.” I felt a strong presence of pop music in “Start Living Again” and a definite source of rootsy rock. Now based in Lucerne, Switzerland, Mathur was born and raised in India. His culturally rich background infuses itself in the quirky-laced movement in “Start Living Again.” On his Facebook page, Mathur notes influences such as Don Henley, Bob Dylan, Steely Dan and Jackson Browne. Just like these legendary artists, Mathur has an instant grasp to the listener’s ear. He’s perfected the song structure, in my opinion.

Full disclosure, sure, at some point I wanted a bit heavier sound; a rockier foundation. After a few listens, I was wrong to think that. “Start Again” has an even tempo and huge likability factor. Referring back to Henley and Browne, the tune might have a bit of a Laurel Canyon tint.

The accompanying video for “Start Living Again” is simplistic, yet powerful. It contains many of the lyrics much like the lyric video wave, but it has psychedelic-like diffused images of Mathur himself. The video doesn’t compare to the song in terms of lasting impressions. I would have rather closed my eyes and created my own storyline.

Overall, “Start Living Again” is an entertaining and important song. Mathur nails powerful themes and channels with music a hearty tune. “Start Living Again” breathes on its own – it has its own soul. Kudos to Ajay Mathur for turning the world onto a unique sound with a well-traveled perspective – he receives high marks for “Start Living Again.”

Sebastian Cole