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The guitar that welcomes us into the warm embrace of “Mama,” My Luv Notes’ new single out now everywhere that independent music is sold and streamed, is flanked with a faint solemnness that is enough to colorize a black and white rhythm which this song uses as a means of translating emotions that are inexpressible through words. It has no swagger in its strut, nor any confidence in its synchronized pulsations, but it is its hesitant demeanor that affects us the most at the onset of the track. Even with the honeysweet violin attempting to brighten its darkened persona, there’s nothing stopping the guitar and its six slinking strings from imparting a message unto us that will only be elaborated upon in the lyrics that My Luv Notes shares here.

As we depart from the simmering smoke rings of the intro we find ourselves confronted with the vocal track for the first time, and it’s as richly emotive as the instrumental opening that we were treated to only seconds before. My Luv Notes starts to sing of a mother-child relationship in the first-person perspective; her commentary is structured more like the recollection of a dream or the reading of a private diary entry than it is a status quo pop song, and we’re given an up close look into her heart that few – if any – of her previously cut material has ever provided us. There’s no doubt that she’s being completely genuine with us here; there’s too much honest passion and evocative texture in her serenade for that to not be the case.

One element that I probably would have tweaked in this single is the middle in the EQ. While it would normally make sense in a typical pop/rock song to scoop the levels a bit to define the instrumental prowess, I don’t know that it’s totally necessary in this particular instance. This doesn’t impede the delivery of these magnetizing melodies, but it does make me very curious to see My Luv Notes in a live setting. If even a small fraction of her skill in the studio were to carry over onto the stage, than a brooding ballad like “Mama” would be all the more of a win for this artist and her ever-expanding body of work.

“Mama” closes in a resonating major key strum that, to a large extent, redeems the depressiveness of the verses that precede it with a hypnotic, uplifting finish that will make even the coldest of souls want to pick up the phone and give mom a call this Mother’s Day. My Luv Notes has come a long way since releasing her rookie offering, and for my money, there isn’t another artist in the American underground right now that is making adult contemporary pop with the same intriguing formula that she’s made her trademark. Only time will tell for sure, but if she keeps on this present trajectory (which is bringing her a fair share of attention this season), I think that it won’t be all that long before she breaks out of the underground and into the mainstream.

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Sebastian Cole