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In a soft, half-whispered melody, we’re told “Look at where I’m falling from / Somewhere high enough to scare me” at the start of Safe as Houses’ “Lucky Lucky,” and though spiked with enigmatic prose of the most cultured variety, this indulgent opening verse is only a small sampling of what’s to come in the four minutes that follow it in this new single from the Ontario-based alt-folk/rock band. If “Lucky Lucky” is a statement song, its sonic narrative is that Safe as Houses aren’t just going to play to their strengths every time they get into the studio; contrarily, they want to grow and expand this sound to get every ounce of magic out of it that they can.

The bassline isn’t all that thick, but it serves up a good foundation for the other parts in the track to create an easygoing groove that is hard to get out of our head once we’ve heard it for the first time. The hook in the chorus is heavenly, and while it isn’t as spicy as what we heard in the brittle ballad “Alive,” it’s still a lot sharper than what I was anticipating in the buildup to it in the first stanza.

This patterned percussion, which is layered over the bass in the master mix, can get a little confusing if we focus on it exclusively, but alongside the guitar parts it balances out the more experimental tones in the song perfectly. The drums are probably the only instrument in the track that are a bit overdone production-wise, but to be truthful, I think that their stately presence makes the song feel a lot less cold and minimalistic than it would have been without their angular beats. Safe as Houses clearly wanted this single to reflect the diversity of their sound, and in that respect, they really hit it out of the park here.

After giving all of my attention over to this song in the last few days, I’ve come to the conclusion that seeing Safe as Houses live will be the only way that I can completely determine the authenticity of their street cred. “Lucky Lucky” is the kind of single that would be even more enticing were it given a huge crowd of energetic fans to feed off of, and though it’s a stirring and tuneful track as we hear it in this version, it’s got a sound that was made for the spotlight, much like the artists who breathe life into it here.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vC-qTX7hP4

Sebastian Cole