URL: https://www.bigtimegrain.com/music

Big Time Grain Company’s latest single, the smooth-grooving “Sunday Morning,” sees the country duo taking a slight step away from the rock n’ roll tone of their EP 401k and embracing a brooding blues sound instead.  “Sunday Morning” presents listeners with a far more robust collection of swing beats and sterling melodies than we could have hoped to hear this summer.

The vocal harmonies here are brutish in their stylization and uncompromisingly emotional in nature. Chad and Bret Bourquin are in complete sync with each other in “Sunday Morning,” and expressing a joint vulnerability that is remarkable. This track is as powerful an entity from an instrumental perspective as it is lush in its bold lyricism, and though there’s no shortage of chills as we make our way through the swaggering verses, Big Time Grain Company are careful to avoid the inclusion of any overindulgent elements in this song. They’ve matured significantly since 401k, and I don’t know that their sound could be described as purely country. The labeling seems too modest, and frankly, too limiting for what they’re making in this incredible addition to their growing discography.

“Sunday Morning” is a must-listen single for serious country fans and casual listeners alike. Big Time Grain Company have been gaining a lot of momentum with audiences that, by and large, are being neglected by the modern Nashville establishment in 2019. There’s a bit of Americana in their sound, along with healthy portions of old school rock, blues and even alternative folk, and it’s making for one of the more interesting cocktails that I’ve had the pleasure of consuming this season. This is top quality country if I’ve ever heard it, and it couldn’t be arriving at a better time.

Sebastian Cole