THE SWAY is a band breaking the humdrum Hollywood mold.  Their Dark Pop sound, powerful energy on stage and edgy yet sophisticated writing style puts them in a class all their own. We had the chance to learn more about their upcoming projects and new release. Read on…

Tell us about the summer plans of The Sway!

Our summer is spending our hours in a dark sweaty studio either rehearsing or writing/producing. A debut album doesn’t make itself!

The new Ep is ELECTRIC.  Your writing style is so catchy, while at the same time pushing the envelope.  How do you create that balance?

Thank you! I write a lot of music everyday, and most of the time what ends up on our EPs are the songs that sort of create themselves in a matter of hours. Those are the songs that always grab everybody’s attention and that we just have to go with. The undeniable ones.

What can you tell us about the new music you are currently working on? 

Very different from our two already released EPs. This album is much more organic in terms of instruments and it will have more of our personality, more diverse and weird sounds going on.

What have been your favorite releases from major artists this year? 

I honestly don’t listen too much music that comes out now. The latest thing that had me listening on repeat for a good two weeks was MGMT’s latest, which was actually released in 2018.

Who do you consider your greatest heroes? 

Can’t really say, people can make great music and be terrible people. I’d have to personally say my parents, one being an architect and the other a college teacher.

If you guys had to name 2 of your top inspirations in songwriting who would they be and why?

My one and only enormous inspiration in songwriting is Lana del Rey and has been since she came out with her debut album. If she hadn’t done music I wouldn’t be doing it either, at least not this style of music. I’m a big fan of Prince too, who has inspired me a lot.

It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to make it in the music industry.  What has been your secret to success? 

Well we aren’t successful in that way yet, but we’re working on it. Keyword is hard work. You can have all the talent but if you don’t make a huge effort to do this professionally you probably won’t.

Where can we buy your music and support your career on line? 

You can buy CDs from our website and look us up on just about any streaming platform out there.

Big Love to The Sway for being part of our interview and SUPPORT independent music everywhere every chance you can.