Integriti Reeves’ “Eu Vim Da Bahia” has appeal overcoming any cultural or linguistic obstacles.

Integriti Reeves’ “Eu Vim Da Bahia” has appeal overcoming any cultural or linguistic obstacles. It’s a cover of forty plus year old track first recorded by Gilberto Gil, but Reeves makes the track live again for modern audiences thanks to her vocal skills and atmospheric command. There is a bright mood dominating the song’s sound thanks to its relaxed percussive qualities and the fluent near-lyrical guitar work throughout the track. It is a spartan effort in some respects – Reeves and her collaborators are wise ignoring any hidden inclination for showing off or cluttering the track. Instead, the arrangement focuses on providing the song enough room to breathe and envelop listeners with its loose magic.

The production frames the guitar in an exceptional way. It sounds like a guitar with nylon strings but much sharper and ballooning with a well scaled presence in the mix. The playing duets with Reeves’ voice and maintains an even keeled balance with her singing throughout the song’s entirety. There is a second string instrument incorporated into the arrangement, violin, and its solo turn provides added spark to an already hot tune.


Despite the inspired and engaging tenor of the song, Reeves and the musicians never rush the track. The moderate pace develops the song in a patient way while never neglecting opportunities for memorable transitions and building towards climatic moments. “Eu Vim Da Behia” is a performance realized – each element of the recording complements others and completes a musical experience for listeners transporting them, for a time, into another world.

Integriti Reeves, however, wins the day for this song. Simmering emotions bubble through her phrasing, audible to listeners, and her keen musical ear captures the rise, fall, and swing of the musicians allowing her to play off them rather than against them. I admire the intelligence she brings to performance – we never endure simple line readings from Reeves and the suggestive awareness in her choices for what to emphasize and what to soft peddle reveals rare gifts.

Her brief flurries of scat vocals flash some of her playful jazz influences. Reeves, as I earlier alluded, communicates with a global audience despite any language barriers. Those same phrasing talents mentioned in the preceding paragraph are key, but the production deserves credit too for giving her voice any needed oomph. I suspect she didn’t need much. Reeves reminds me of the sort of singer who can keep belting it out even if the venue’s power goes out.

“Eu Vim Da Bahia”, “I Came from Bahia” in English, is likely one of the premier tracks on Reeves’ EP release Stairway to the Stars. The song makes for a big example of how a new generation of talents are embracing traditional forms and adapting them their own artistic ends with great success. Integriti Reeves might have turned the world on its ear if she emerged in the first few decades of 20th century America, but she is a performer of and for today. We’re lucky to have such talents around.

Sebastian Cole

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