It’s a beautiful summer day, and Joseph Eid’s backyard is littered with friendly faces taking in the gorgeous weather with him. Eid sits in a lawn chair in the middle of it all, blue plastic cup in his hand, Hawaiian t-shirt draped across his back. The crisp chime of an acoustic guitar penetrates the silence and starts to wash the imagery before us in a colorful melody that Eid will waste no time harmonizing with in his signature sensuous vocal. This is the music video for “Listening to Madonna,” and it’s a rip-roar good time from the get-go. We’re one of the partygoers at this summer shindig, and whether you’ve been listening to the star of the show since the beginning or have only recently discovered his soulful skillset as both a singer and a songwriter, you’re guaranteed to find a treasure chest of tonality and grooves in this latest single from the one and only Joseph Eid.

The production value of this song is top shelf all-around, and though the music video has a gritty, DIY quality to its stylization, it still plays out like a big budget showcase from a fiery indie stalwart. The shots are very well balanced, and because Eid utilizes a drone for the camerawork in “Listening to Madonna,” it has a dreamy feel to its visuals that make it seem like we are right there in Eid’s crowded backyard instead of merely watching a music video on a backlit screen. I’ve been increasingly disappointed with the lack of creativity that many of Eid’s contemporaries have been showing in their videos lately, both in and outside of mainstream pop, but were they to follow a similar formula to what he employs here, I think that they would see a much better response from the media and fans alike. Eid doesn’t weigh down the bassline with a blustery distortion in this song, and the percussive tones are really bright and shiny, just like the acoustic guitar parts are. He isn’t trying to reinvent pop as we know it in “Listening to Madonna;” if you ask me, he’s simply taking a tried and true way of making a solid melodic folk single and adding in some cosmopolitan hooks that tie the overall sound to a fresh, youthful generation in independent music.

Fans both young and old shouldn’t hesitate to pick up a copy of “Listening to Madonna” to see what they think for themselves about this new single from an energized Joseph Eid, but for what I look for in a summer pop song, it’s a diamond in the rough, to put it rather mildly. The track alone would have been enough to win me over, but with the addition of the mesmerizing music video for this single, there’s nothing to indicate that Eid is going anywhere but into the top tier of his scene via the engaging music that he’s bringing to the table in 2019. He’s not yet the household name that many of his iconic influences are, but I think that it’s safe to say that he is certainly well on his way.


Sebastian Cole