Caracol’s single “Flooded Field” from her 2018 album release Symbolism is the latest addition to a discography stretching back a decade that sets her apart as one of the most compelling musical stylists working today. She has enjoyed considerable success in Canada, including garnering a number of awards, but her reach extends far past any geographic borders and her music fuses a number of global sounds into an individualistic whole.

“Flooded Field” has two primary musical influences – indiepop with an electronic edge and light reggae – that Caracol brings together without any visible stitching. It is a relatively brief track, clocking in well under the four minute mark, but Caracol acquits herself well by managing to pack a world of music into the song without ever overwhelming listeners.


Rapper Illa J makes an appearance on the song and contributes some lyrics as well, but his presence in the song is a little extraneous. “Flooded Field” would be just as successful with or without his talents and it might leave some a little suspect if his presence on the song is more of a gesture towards a portion of the buying audience who might otherwise ignore Caracol’s work.

Her vocal performance and lyrics, however, will leave few listeners wanting. The words are never afterthoughts but, nonetheless, Caracol takes close to a bare bones approach with the track’s writing and relies on a handful of images to deliver the track’s message. Her singing and the musical arrangement, however, make the most of these moments.

The electronic and reggae influences bubbling throughout the song never come into conflict with one another. It is impressive to hear how easy it is for her to bring these elements together without a misstep or hiccup when they would seem to pose difficulty but, in the end, you have to place such a thing at the feet of her innate talent and her long musical experience. There is no uncertainty in her approach and this is a critical component in the song’s success – her brio and confidence tackling “Flooded Field” holds your attention from the first and makes you believe every word and each note.


Many listeners will welcome indiepop casting such a wide net. Caracol has done so for a little more than a decade now and she continues pushing her creativity into new areas; the combination of this single and its entertaining music video will keep this song reverberating for listeners long after they hear it.

Sebastian Cole