Charley Young divvies out the daring summer rhythm that we’ve been waiting for in her latest melodic masterpiece of club melodies, the sterling “Hold the Moon,” which is racking up quite a slew of accolades for the young beat-maker at the moment. “Hold the Moon” is a simple, three and a half minute club jam that is structured around a warm vocal dispatch from Young, who flexes her lyrical muscles. The synths are seductive, the drums as polished as her cutting croon is, and whether you’ve heard her music before or not, it’s hard to describe this recent release without using words like “iconic.”


Young’s vocal is, without a doubt, the main nucleus of this composition, and though the instrumentation creates just as many chills, it’s never able to match the strength of the voice that bonds the beats with these deliberately haunting harmonies. She hoards all of our attention to herself in this track, but somehow manages to emerge from the thick cloud of smoky melodies looking more self-aware than she does selfish. I don’t know for certain, but going off of what I’m hearing in “Hold the Moon,” I think it would be safe to say that Charley Young has been cultivating her skills at an accelerated rate since the trio of singles that she released in 2017 (“Fiery Storm,” “Summer is Mine” and “Gonna Fight”).

“Hold the Moon” is definitely among the most engaging material in Charley Young’s discography.  If she can come up with another single or even a 2 song EP this coming Fall as enticing as this one is, I will be listening. Right now, Young sounds as ready to take her music to the next level as we are to hear what the next chapter of her career will have in store for the world.

Sebastian Cole