The ominous bassline of “See the Light” claws its way into the mix as The Lost Millions kick off their all-new extended play, Novellas Dantes, but its menacing, confident strut is only an appetizer for the deluge of distortion that’s about to come barreling out. Galloping drums usher us into a full-color spectacle of rebellious riff rock, and as we sink deeper into the sonic quicksand created by the vortex of bass and drum destruction, it becomes more than clear that The Lost Millions are intent on playing even louder and prouder in this record than they did on their masterful debut album 101.

“My Street” introduces some psychedelia into Novellas Dantes that will become an important element of the framework we hear in later tracks, but its bluesy stomp is by far the most intriguing component of the composition. This song contrasts significantly with the patient dispatch of understated grooves in “Wisdom of the Mad Priest,” but the transition between the two is startlingly seamless. Both are boasting some serious muscle in the string section.


In “Mad at the Sun,” The Lost Millions play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, vaulting between a relaxed alternative rock sway and a punishing punk beat-down. The scream of the guitar at 2:10  pierces us with its sharp tenacity, and as we finish the remaining minute and a half of the song, the energy only grows in size. This would definitely be the best cut from Novellas Dantes to hear on stage.

The Lost Millions bring us into a poignant finish with the towering, uncompromisingly heavy “Complicated” ; it has an anthological feel that is almost certain to hypnotize anyone who happens to be within earshot of its bulging bass and sterling, guitar-driven grooves. Whether you’ve been following these guys for the last couple of years or are coming across their music for the first time with Novellas Dantes, this is a top tier indie rock EP. In an underwhelming year for alternative music, this is one record that you can rely on for at least a couple of really memorable jams.

Sebastian Cole