Mark And The Tiger deliver pure magic with upcoming new singles and a meaningful mission. Below is our exclusive Interview with him.

Hi Mark And The Tiger.  Please tell us what the band name means!

Well, it’s one of those stories that is ultimately deep and meaningful but originates from some pretty shallow and ridiculous roots. When I was in college my best friend had this poster of a tiger on her dorm room wall. Majestic AF! My other friends used to laugh at me because whenever we were all hanging out in her room I would end up staring at this tiger for hours on end. “Mark and the Tiger” became my own joke about my obsession. When I moved out to LA I started to call myself Mark Tiger. First it was for silly things, like Facebook. Then I started using it as a pseudonym when I began teaching yoga. It eventually became a kind of alter ego I could hide behind. When I was Mark Tiger I was confident and care free and wild. All the things I felt too insecure to be as Mark Haberland. Not that I realized that at the time.

When I first met my husband and told him that I was a singer performing as Mark Tiger, he completely called me out.

“You only want to be Mark Tiger because you don’t think Mark Haberland is good enough.”

Talk about a slap in the face for our 3rd date. But he was totally right (the Bastard). I started making a concerted effort to have more faith in myself as myself. But I didn’t want to ditch the tiger completely, so now I’m in the this grown up “Calvin and Hobbes” relationship with a tiger that only I can see. It’s healthy, I swear!

Please explain your creative process…

So many of the songs I write are born in the car. I spend A LOT of time driving around the city and have a lot of time to think. More often than not, a melody or a lyric will pop into my head and by the time the ride is over I have the beginnings of a song. Sometimes an entire song! I tend to run into trouble when I try and sit down to write. from scratch. It’s like staring at a blank wall, and anything I come up with feels forced. But when I’m going about my life and not trying to make anything, music just comes to me.

What drew you into the music industry?

I’ve tried a lot fo other things. I worked retail. I worked as a massage therapist. I worked as a yoga instructor. I’ve taught horseback riding lessons. I got fucking fed up with every single one of them. Music is the only thing that I’ve done consistantly my entire life and never gotten tired of. At this point it’s the only industry I have any desire to be a part of.

If you could have your fans remember only one thing about you, what would it be and why?

I don’t really know how to answer this without sounding incredibly corny. But I want people to remember me as an adventure in human form. I want them to leave my shows feeling excited and galvanized and that they can just be free. Also, my incredible hair.

What is the overall message that you want to deliver to your fans?

I had a friend tell me recently that whenever he watched me perform he felt free to be 100% himself. It was the best compliment I’ve ever received. I spent practically my entire life trying to feel comfortable and confident about being authentically me. It’s fucking hard! And I’ve found that most people in the world are compromising some aspect of themselves in order to be what they think will be the most desirable, most marketable, most acceptable package to present to the world. It’s bullshit. We should all be free to live our lives authentically without fear of being judged or ostracized. I want everyone to feel free to make their own adventures in life and to celebrate other people doing the same. Also, ditch the labels! Labels are the enemy!

Tell us about the new music!

My first new single “My Magic” is going to be out on the 29th of August. I’m really excited about it. I wrote it when the powers that be first brought up the idea of teachers carrying guns in school. I was pretty disgusted and this song just fell out of me. It became a sort of anthem for me and a reminder of why I want to make music. It’s soul, and rock, and witchy, and makes me feel alive whenever I sing it.

The singles and EP that are going to follow “My Magic” are a pretty eclectic mix of songs. But I think, together they show off a lot the facets of who I am as an artist.




End of Interview