In a reverse sonic vacuum, a honeysweet vocal comes barreling out of the silence as we descend upon “I Don’t Want Nobody,” the new single from 3Angle featuring none other than Italian pop singer Alton. A shimmering synthesizer gives way to a gentle finger-snapping, and as the ultra-filtered percussion enters the mix, we discover the nucleus beat at the center of this song’s epic storm. “I Don’t Want Nobody” is as hot as the summer sun, and although there have been some really exciting EDM and pop releases to debut since this past June, this latest collaboration from 3Angle and Alton is unquestionably among the cream of the crop. Coming in at roughly three minutes and change, this track wastes no time divvying out the blistering grooves and putting us right in between the grind of the melodies and the sensationally simplistic verses from our lead singer, who may well be in his most elite form here. This is a turning point for both parties, and easily one of my favorite songs out this season.


The production quality in this single is solid from top to bottom, and I would even argue that because of its tightly-designed framework, it’s all the more attractive to anyone who loves a sexy rhythm (rather than electronica devotees exclusively). I definitely get the vibe that “I Don’t Want Nobody” was made with the nightclub scene in mind because, to be fair, why else would 3Angle have put so much of the spotlight on the adrenaline in the beats here? All the hallmarks of a club track are present, but that said, there’s also a bit of a nod to surreal, ambient pop in the way that Alton’s vocal parts are constructed. His voice swirls around us in the dreamiest of fashions, and even when the instrumentation is doing most all of the heavy lifting in this track, it’s still the main draw at the forefront of the mix. That’s no easy feat even for the most skilled of producers, but 3Angle make it look all too easy in this awesome slice of pure Italian artistry.

It isn’t very often that I say this about a new composition which was adapted from something else, but “I Don’t Want Nobody” is one of the more original singles that I’ve had the pleasure of taking a look at all year long. 3Angle, together with Alton, make this sound their own here, and in some respects they come across as a lot more swaggering than they ever have in past studio efforts. There’s some room for growth in regards to their arranging skills, but all of that aside, you would be hard-pressed to find anything quite like this track in or out of the European underground this summer. “I Don’t Want Nobody” is a very unique find, and it presents us with a lot of stylistic change from what we heard in last year’s batch of 3Angle releases, but I have a feeling that it represents only a taste of what’s to come next out of their camp.


Sebastian Cole