Progressive music is having one heck of a year because of the incredible work of artists like alternative pop/rockers the Sharon Lia Band, whose new single “Why Can’t We Pretend?” is being hailed as a watershed moment for the group ahead of their release of a brand new album in Beyond Wonderland. In “Why Can’t We Pretend?,” we witness Sharon Lia take on several roles, with the most prominent among them being storyteller. She unfolds the narrative in this track as though she were reading an angst-ridden poem to a crowded coffee shop full of people, and despite the grandiosity of the music, her performance has all the trappings of an intimate, personalized experience that most pop singles just don’t afford us. Progressive influences are everywhere we look in this song, and although I wouldn’t have described them as such in the past, I think that it’s safe to start calling the Sharon Lia Band one of the most profoundly gifted groups currently active in the Philadelphia scene today.


Beyond the fact that this music is just plain movielike in its rapid, albeit melodic, ascent into the arena rock realm, the way that it was produced makes it feel even more theatrical from beginning to end. The attention to detail that the Sharon Lia Band put into every recording that they’ve released to the public has been the subject of much praise from critics on the Northeastern indie circuit and throughout the American underground, but this is undoubtedly the most precisely mixed and mastered single bearing their moniker that I’ve listened to. Everything is clearly defined, there’s no smoggy noise or trite attempts at bloated virtuosities better suited to a bygone era than they ever would be this one; there’s just perfectly synchronized alternative rock rhythm that doesn’t stop pummeling us until the band has reached the finish line. It’s definitely a meticulous work from the Sharon Lia Band, but I don’t believe that its intricacies – as noticeable as they are – could be so overwhelmingly complex that they would deter casual pop fans from getting interested in this song, and for that matter, the band responsible for its existence.


I was expecting to be wowed by this latest single from Lia and her progressive cohorts just based on their word of mouth reputation alone, but these passionate Pennsylvanians hit it out of the park and impressed me beyond anything that I had anticipated. In the lyric video for “Why Can’t We Pretend?,” we get the opportunity to get even closer to this band through one of the more aesthetically experimental videos that you’ll see all summer, and as fascinating as this material is, something tells me that the impact of both the video and the single itself is going to pale in comparison to that of Beyond Wonderland, which is already generating a lot of buzz before it’s even landed on store shelves. The Sharon Lia Band are on a roll right now, and it’s hard to see them slowing down anytime soon – as long as they keep making great music like this, that is.

Sebastian Cole

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