2019 has produced a lot more success for rap artists than it has rock bands, but in the all-new record from ATL-based up and comers Lesibu Grand, old fashioned guitar melodies get the long-overdue makeover that they truly deserve. Titled The Legend of Miranda, Lesibu Grand’s debut EP is a mixture of groove-driven rock that has been heavily inspired by the sounds of Seattle grunge and Portland punk mixed with a modern surrealist bend that tethers their style to the new wave of alternative giants emerging from the east coast at the moment. It’s as multidimensional a listen as one could hope to find this fall, and I’m far from the only critic saying as much – if you came looking for more of the mainstream mundane, this is not a record you’ll want to check out.

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While “Hush Hush,” “Miranda” and “Mi Sueño” are lyric-based anthems that put all of the spotlight on the vocal harmonies as they push the music forward, “Runnin’ Round” and “Only American in the Room” tell us a lot more with their texture and tonality than they do any of their actual verses. This isn’t meant as a slight of the lyrical narratives in these two songs, but more an attempt at describing them for what they really are: two compositions that epitomize the duality of this group at their finest. Some rock bands might be more than content to use one means of communication exclusively, but for Lesibu Grand, something as pedestrian and predictable as that just isn’t on the table when they’re making new music.

This has got to be one of the tightest master mixes that I’ve heard in an indie record this month. Superbly smooth and consistently meticulous in its arrangement of the strings (“Hush Hush”) and percussive elements (“Miranda,” “Mi Sueño”), there’s never an instance where it feels like the music is reliant on the polished production value to impart an emotional statement to us, but that doesn’t make this EP glisten any less. On the contrary, it’s nice that this material is clearly strong enough to stand on its own, but through the lens of this deluxe packaging, we’re not only able to appreciate its natural luxuries but also those that we would normally find solely in live performances.

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Rock fans of all stripes would be hard-pressed to find another record quite like The Legend of Miranda this autumn, but that said, they’d also have a tough time finding anyone as dedicated to their craft as this group so evidently is. From the gallop of “Runnin’ Round” to the concluding haze of “Mi Sueño,” this is a collection that looks and feels more like an album than it does a mere extended play, and in a time that has looked upon spindly, halfhearted rock n’ roll with a lot more favor than it has mammoth melodies and righteous riffing, it’s an unbelievably refreshing sound to discover. I’ll be following Lesibu Grand’s story from here on out, and after you hear their debut, I have a feeling that you’ll be doing the same.

Sebastian Cole