Sociallusions – by And The Black Feathers, contains four songs that deal with the optics of society and the illusions it produces, but it’s done in a fun manner by seasoned musicians from the Denver area, playing music influenced by the 60s and 70s when MC5 ruled and you could actually be seen and heard without sounding like everyone else. And that is not to say they reproduce it, but they hark back to it with respect and update it their own way. Make no mistake, what you hear takes most of its shape once you’re used to it, so it’s worth the time.


I was instantly won over by the first track “Danger” and it remains a favorite, with its absolute way of defining what And The Black Feather are all about and that is combining new ideas with the tried and tried ideas of the past.  Being classic rock isn’t exactly easy because it’s usually old before it’s considered that, but they make the material work and the attitude and production values do the rest with the latter serving its stripped back purpose. At the end of the day, I like this song and it’s all there is to it. Worth the price of admission.

“Scandalous” is very percussive and full of advice and sassy but also very catchy and enjoyable. It might even be the most accessible track between the four very strong songs, making it the lightest but not necessarily the weakest track because there is no filler on this EP. It comes with songs like this you can talk about without having to go into detail about them and songs with a much deeper appeal, but this is where they crossover between the two with more of a fundamental pop rock sensibility. Likeable all the way.

If that’s not enough, “Feature” could be the magnum opus of Sociallusions, even though it too has more of a light hearted sound it’s actually a serious subject out how out of hand things are getting with media, particularly social media at the hands of everyone and how they own up to the responsibilities of using it on a regular basis. Everyone wants their own double feature by living the public and private life but don’t want to be known for anything they don’t share online. Stay away from relationships with those obsessed with this lifestyle is the Sociallusion for this.


One more song and it’s over, which cuts such a good, soulfully rocking set of songs it’s a shame there isn’t more, but if you go to their website you can find more on them and keep up with their activities as they go into 2020 with this release in tow. “Leash” is the most musically adventurous track and reminds mostly of their early influences but loses nothing in the cutting-edge department either. Just when you’re getting used to them it’s over, but it’s worth hearing time and again, just like all the greats of the past are.

Sebastian Cole