Velvety and accented with a unique country melodicism, we enter Rob Georg’s “When I Make It Home for Christmas” on the back of a brittle acoustic guitar’s painful yearning. It isn’t long before Georg himself steps into the fold, adding a vocal to the mix that could warm listeners up on even the iciest of winter days. He’s got a lot to say here, but he’s going to take his time as to make sure he gets it right – in “When I Make It Home for Christmas,” we get to see an exposed side of Rob Georg that had only been hinted at in previous releases, and while he’s tackling a big task here in making an intriguing new Christmas song, he rises to the occasion much as he has everything else in his life so far.

Instrumentally speaking, “When I Make It Home for Christmas” is a conventional single, but its use of colorful harmonies to convey an emotional narrative is anything but ordinary. There’s an organic sort of magic in the way that Georg weaves his words together and into the adjacent string play, and although he’s shown as much proficiency behind the mic in the past as he does in this track, there’s something really special about this veteran-themed Christmas ballad. His words weigh heavily on every note that the guitars produce, leaving no room for the standard filler that many country mixes would include on an occasion like this one.


In “When I Make It Home for Christmas,” Rob Georg imparts a soulful message of hope, comradery and eternal brotherhood among soldiers and the ones who love them while straddling a poignant acoustic melody that is as powerful as they come. Whether you’ve heard his work before or not is irrelevant in this case; if you’re a country buff, this is a Christmas song that sounds like a newborn staple of the holiday season, and as anyone who knows popular music is already aware, creating such a track without borrowing a lot from the past works of legendary artists is far from a simple challenge. It takes a lot of skill, which Georg brings to this single in spades.

Sebastian Cole