So happy to chat with you REVILUTION! Thank you for your time. 2019 is coming to a close – what are you most proud of musically this year?

Marie B, vocals: Happy to be chatting with you too. I also appreciate your time. I know, right? Where did 2019 go?? The best gig we did was a house party concert for Scott’s wife Tina. We hosted it at REVILUTION®️ Studio in the back yard. It was for her birthday and we did already-recorded songs as well as new songs that haven’t been published and released yet. I also did an a cappella version of “The Greatest Love of All” to fill in down time while we waited for all the guests to arrive that went over well. Plus the unveiling of the new material did great in the live performance setting. We had people dancing and singing along with us. It was a blast!

Scott Flint, guitar, vocals: I’m proud of the success that the song “BASTARD” has achieved.

Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar: Playing in Vegas a couple times, writing some new songs, keeping the vision going despite the obstacles. Hopefully 2020 will be an even better year!

What has been your favorite song you have released and why?

Scott: Once again I have to say “BASTARD;” it’s a song that most people can identify with, relate to it so to speak, because everyone has had a piece or an event of the song lyrics happen in their lives.

Marie: Well, I like performing Bastard but we have won over every audience with our song GirlStuff. It gets the crowd going every time. It’s super fun and I love that my Jeep and Jeep stunt driving is featured in the music video. It’s very personal for me. It is gratifying that people dig the song.

Dan: So far, “Bastard.” It’s a pretty simple little song, but so many people seem to relate to it. And the riff gets stuck in your head, but in a good way.

When you pack up for a gig what do you take along?

Scott: Guitars and amps of course and all that goes with them, stage clothing, stage lighting, strings, picks, a great attitude, and finger nail clippers.

Marie: I learned to always take my throat treatment tea along no matter what. And my own vocal mic and professional hearing protection. Also extra shoes and socks.

Dan: It varies, depending on what the venue has, although we try to take extra cables and mic stands because sometimes the venue has an exaggerated idea of the quality of their gear.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges of being a musical artist in 2019?

Scott: Finding dedicated and reliable members for your band, that are gonna stay the distance, endure, and improve the band as it moves forward.

Marie: Getting paid cold, hard cash for performances. We are lucky to have a vigilant management company who looks after us. We encounter other bands that are all, “You got paid HOW MUCH?!” Because when they get the gig they don’t get paid which is super shady on the part of the venues. Bands have all kinds of expenses we have to cover. Gas, insurance, promotion, food, housing, overhead and costuming to name a few. It is not free by any means. We provide a service of entertainment which is vital to humanity.

Dan: Being willing to change plans in order to keep the train moving. Despite what people see in the media, being an artist doesn’t necessarily mean doing whatever you want all the time. You have to do whatever is necessary to remain relevant. If that means gigging instead of recording an album, then polish up the set list and get out there.

Where do you see yourself as a band in the next 5 years?

Dan: A world tour of stadiums and festivals, for sure!

Scott: I see us touring non stop (because we love touring), recording, writing, and growing our fan base.

Marie: Wow, good question. The music industry is so fast moving and fluid it’s impossible to say what it will look like in 5 years. In my vision, we’ll be melting faces from all walks of life and age ranges. Because no matter who you are you can’t deny how the music moves your soul. Metal music is making a comeback and I see the genre lines blurring and mixing now. It won’t be much longer before everyone is METAL.

Any plans for new music in 2020?

Marie: Yes it is already being written. We attempted writing without gigging and it feels too stagnant so we’re going to write and gig at the same time. That way the songs will be super tight before we hit the recording studio for album recording. Thank you for the lovely interview. I wish you an unprecedented, amazing new year in 2020.

Scott: We will release a full album with amazing new music on it in 2020. Side note: Thank You Dan For Writing Great Music And Being A Great Friend!

Dan: I’ve got a couple songs written, Scott has a couple songs written, Marie is always jotting down lyrics and ideas, so I think we’ll have some great stuff soon! And I want to thank Marie and Scott for being such talented musicians and keeping the train moving down the tracks!!!

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