Welcome Kendra! We are excited to chat with you today! Let’s start off with more info on your new music! You are going to release a new single Silent Sleeper. Did you write this song?

Thanks so much for inviting me to interview today! Yes, “Silent Sleeper”, my upcoming single is being released in early February. I am really excited about sharing this song with my community and listeners. The lyrics and melody came to me as a lullaby and comforting song of sorts. It’s about following your inner-guidance system and staying close to your inner circle.

Tell us what has been your most memorable concert that you have ever attended and why?

Full disclosure, I have been to SO many concerts. I LOVE attending shows and experiencing live music. It is next-level inspiration and brings about a feeling of shared understanding amongst people. Actually, this shared understanding that I feel at shows and music festivals is part of what lead to the development of my mission statement that is founded on “the peaceful gathering of community through means of song, voice, and action.” And a list of several most memorable concerts to date: Grateful Dead’s Fare Thee Well at Levi’s Stadium in 2015, Sound Tribe Sector 9’s 5 night run at the ATL Tabernacle for NYE 2013, Primus at Red Rocks 2018 to name a few.

If you could only be remembered by one song what would it be?

From my upcoming album, “of Thank You”, a poem turned song I wrote titled, “Buffalo Walk”. I actually wrote the lyrics to this song while attending a Sound Tribe Sector 9 show at Red Rocks in September of 2016 and the chords in a buffalo roaming range next to Dick’s Sporting Goods Arena in Commerce City, CO. From my currently catalog, “Timely Vision” from the EP titled, “of Always”. The lyrics say, “Please, God, let there be something at the end of this tunnel you see.”

Every artists has a why. What is your why when it comes to creating music?

Writing is what keeps me upright. From poems to essays and music reviews to an upcoming memoir-novel, putting pen to paper is what puts this spinning web of existence into perspective for me. When I began turning my poems into songs, that’s when the tires met the road I am traveling. It gives me air, just as the music gives my words life. Another why is social standards. I aim to turn the looking-glass in on itself and reveal how listeners may do the same. What is reality really about? What is really going on between advertisements and plugged-promotions?

Have you had any favorite releases from major artists this year so far?

“Ghosts of the Forest” released by Trey Anastasio. He’s an amazing songwriter with a theatrical presentation and a lyrical writing style I respect. His “Ghosts of the Forest” album and tour was personal, emotion-laden, and full of story-arc. The ambience of both the live and studio performance is captivating.

What social media platform is your favorite to connect with fans and why?

I connect with fans across various social platforms, each serving a unique niche. Facebook is for family, friends, people I know, people I kind-of know, and people in my broader circle. Instagram is for an even wider fan base, reaching fans in a multitude of states and even other countries. Additionally, I keep a writing blog and contribute to several online publications which keeps my name in the loop. Find me on Facebook here

[https://www.facebook.com/kendraandthebunnies/]. Instagram here [https://www.instagram.com/kenbunny/]. My website here [https://kendraelisabethmuecke.com]. Poetry & Writing blog here [https://thepoliticsofkendra.com].

Tell us where we can stream your latest release.

Follow “Kendra & the Bunnies” on Spotify to have my single “Silent Sleeper” added to your Release Radar Playlist on February 6 here [https://open.spotify.com/artist/5Sup4xcv2oCm7Z2rPl8puJ?si=ZEE5r4zKQgKMwn8qibgM6g].

You can additionally pre-save the single here [https://ffm.to/kendraandthebunnies_silent-sleeper].

Links to all streaming platforms here [https://songwhip.com/artist/kendra-and-the-bunnies].

Bookings: bsquaredmgmtbookings@gmail.com

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