Hello Keymakers! Thank you for your time today! We have tried to keep up with the Spectra tour on IG – it seems like it is going amazing. You just had a show in Boston. Tell us what that was like for you?

RED: It was totally awesome!! The tour has been going great but we were extra excited to play a show in the city where we live. It gave some of our friends a chance to see us without traveling too far. We got to share the stage with 3 other really special local artists, which was a great experience. It was a pretty intimate set as well, so that’s always a good chance to interact with listeners and the other artists. We loved that night and it had us excited to hit the road again!

Have you had a favorite venue on tour yet? If so, why?

ROME: We’d have to say Pianos in NYC. Not only was it the biggest venue we’ve played, but we have a lot of people in New York that came out to see us so it was just a blast vibing with them for a night. The lighting was great, the sound was great, and it was just an unbelievable night full of a lot of love. We can’t wait to get back to NYC for our Bowery Electric show on February 25th!

Now that you have been on the road for a little while – do you love touring as much as you thought you would? Better than expected?

RED: Definitely! Even more than we thought we would. We gotta do a ton of driving and at times and that can get boring but that’s nothing at all compared to the feeling we get being able to hop on stages around the country and meet fans from thousands of away. Touring is a different lifestyle and it takes adjusting, but it’s safe to say we love it – and the more we get used to it, the more fun we can have.

Tell us something fun you have done on one of your “off” days from music while out on the tour.

ROME: Honestly just straight chiiiiiil. We love touring, but it can be a lot – so we definitely embrace the time off. Getting back into the routine a bit, working on new music, and taking some time to relax with the people we love – that’s what it’s about. We’re huge movie guys too (a big part of our name, actually), so breaks like that are a good chance for us to actually get out to the theatre – and we take advantage of that forsure.

What has been the biggest surprise so far about making music in your career? Have you had an unexpected or welcome challenge to it all?

RED: I think the biggest surprise has been how unexpected everything can be. So in a way, it’s a surprise how many things can surprise you. In a normal 9-5 you can get into a routine and start to know what to expect. With music, it’s different. Whether it’s production, studio sessions, performances, meeting fans, and meeting other artists, it’s so rare that any two situations are the same. Being prepared for the unexpected is a challenge at times but it’s what makes this life so much fun.

Can you share some advice for any artists that is wanting to break into performing and writing music? Maybe something you had wish you had known getting started.

ROME: YOUR sound. You have to find YOUR sound. We actually heard that a couple times when we started, but not enough and not from the right people. So we spent some time trying to sound like typical pop artists, or make “hits” we thought would really have broad appeal. That’s great and all and maybe it works for some people with connections and resources, but I honestly believe that genuine shines through and it’s easy to spot phony. If you don’t make music from your heart, if you don’t speak your truth, if you don’t believe in what you’re doing – you’ll never get anyone else to believe in it. That and work, work, work (whaddup Ri). This industry isn’t easy and there’s a LOT of people trying to make their mark, so if you’re not willing to sacrifice a lot, then it’s probably not worth sacrificing a little.

Anything else you would like to share?

RED: We just want to send a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has come out to see us. We feed off your energy and everyone in the audience has been the thing that’s made this tour such a dream for us. Also, we want to let everyone know to check us out on SongKick and if we’re heading your way, come out and say hi. We love to dance and have and awesome time everytime we play, so come on out because we have a ton of tunes to share!

Now where can we find you on social media and catch you live?

ROME: Like he said, follow our Songkick (http://bit.ly/thekeymakerslive) to stay up with shows, but the best way to keep up with all things Keymaker is through our Instagram (@thekeymakers). If we’re not posting or sharing stories behind the scenes, we’re messaging with our fans. We absolutely love connecting with people who vibe with our vision and I don’t think that will ever stop, so come say what’s up! THANK YOU

End of Interview