A rollicking guitar riff. A sizzling lead vocal. The percussive thrust of a strong southern wind. On their own, any of the three aforementioned elements would make for an interesting song, but in Greye’s new single “Lucky,” these components come together to create a stealthy rock swing-fest that can’t be turned down once it’s been given that all-important virgin spin. Focusing on barebones concepts and avoiding the temptation to overindulge in obvious sonic attributes that similar acts might just as soon have exploited with prejudice, Greye deliver one of the smartest new indie singles of the spring in “Lucky” while inarguably aligning themselves with an underground spirit that has no time for commercial appeasements. Rhythm steps into the driver’s seat in this track, powering the band forward in a steady trajectory of pop-themed grooves, but between the ridges created by the beat, we find nothing but a colorful crooner, a seductive guitar wallop and a stately harmonization that has become all too difficult for audiences to find on FM radio in recent years.

The instrumental melody in this single is something that any listener could fall in love with, but it would be nothing without the vocal accentuation it’s provided by singer Hannah Summer. Summer dishes out a raw, unfiltered harmony in “Lucky” that expresses more to us on the emotional end than any of the actual lyrics do, but this isn’t to suggest that the verses here were a last minute add-on.

The poetic mood here is made all the more tangible to us through the beefiness of the mix, which affords as much of the spotlight to our leading lady as it does her supporting cast, and were it not as evenly balanced as it was on this occasion, I’m not sure that this composition would have translated nearly as well as it ultimately did. There’s a great oomph to the chorus that ties everything precluding it together, as if to confirm just how powerful a collective Greye can be when their chemistry goes unchecked by the soundboard, but even before we reach the fever pitch in this track, catharsis is never more than a verse or two away.

I’m just getting familiar with the music of this act, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t eager to hear more after getting introduced to “Lucky” this March. “Lucky” doesn’t attempt to reinvent the pop model by any means; instead of trying to dazzle us with a lot of pumped-up showmanship – the likes of which, unlike the harmonies here, is easy to hear anytime you browse the latest entries on the Top 40 – Greye are staying true to the independent virtues that established many of the best hybrid bands to come before them.

They’re coming up against a ton of competition around the country right now, but as far as I’m concerned, they’ve released a declaration of war on the establishment in this new single that everyone in this game, big and small alike, needs to be taking seriously.

Sebastian Cole

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