Stomping to life in a warm, string-powered march out of the silence, “Footsteps in the Attic of My Mind” comes into focus almost instantly after pressing play, but it isn’t until we’re a minute or two into the composition’s unfurling harmony of colorful strings and vocals that we’re able to appreciate all of its intricacies for the grandiosity they produce. Oddly esoteric and surreally steeped in Americana as much as it is the softer side of 60’s psychedelia, this song, along with the dozen others that join it in the tracklist of We Are Vibrational Beings’ new album Return to Love, isn’t the easiest for any critic to categorize aesthetically, but despite its experimental nature, this is one slab of indie rock postmodernism you won’t want to miss this year.

Heavenly harmonies are a cornerstone of most all of Return to Love’s most incredible moments – “I Was Waking Up,” the rolling “Greater Than the Fear,” brooding “Everything Comes from the Silence” and old fashioned “You’ll Always Know” are all constructed around the instrumental interplay that drives their best hooks home, and while I wouldn’t say that compositional cosmetics are the main reason to check this LP out, they’re definitely a step above anything I’ve heard on the mainstream side of the dial lately. We Are Vibrational Beings have materialized seemingly out of nowhere this season, and yet this thirteen-track masterpiece sounds more like the work of veteran collaborators than it does the brainchild of experimentalists still looking to find an artistic nucleus amidst the jam sessions.


Outside of the singing, the chemistry between the players in “Your Little Piece of the Sky,” “Line Through Space” and Pink Floyd-esque “Seeing the World Without Filters” is absolutely responsible for dispensing context to the lyrical narrative more than anything else is, and had these songs been performed by a different crew instead of this one, I don’t know if they would have landed as well as they do on this occasion. There’s no debating whether or not We Are Vibrational Beings have a very natural flow to their sound, and more importantly, their style of play, and if they can cultivate it even more than they have here in future recordings together, they could become one of the more noteworthy psychedelic acts to come out of the underground in the early 20’s.

It’s still a little soon to tell how far this unit is going to go with the concept behind their material, but in all honestly, I am in love with what I’m hearing in Return to Love, which is quite possibly one of the most enrapturing eclectic rock albums to debut in 2020 so far. We Are Vibrational Beings’ style of indie psychedelia is admittedly tailored for a specific audience over the masses, but with that said, I can definitely see where their music could appeal to most listeners with a taste for the surreal end of the sonic spectrum. Though only time will tell for sure, I think these musicians have quite a future ahead of them.

Sebastian Cole