“So won’t you smile with me, one great big smile / An then we all can see, my baby smile” sings an impassioned AV Super Sunshine in his single “Smile,” and while his words are as emotional as any of the adjacent melodies accenting them could ever be, the greatest release in these verses comes not through the content of their statements, but via the powerful vocal through which they’re delivered. AV Super Sunshine is known for never holding back from his audience, even if it means exposing more of himself than many other alternative artists would, and here, he gives us some of his best work yet.

Beyond the spellbinding lyrical substance in “Smile,” both the standard version of the track and its house-style remix sport beats that set up the context of AV’s words better than any of the other components in the music do. “Smile (House Remix)” stops just short of bludgeoning us with its anthemic, stadium-shaking bassline, but where the bass parts are limited in their control over the groove, the aesthetically exotic percussive elements here pummel us with larger than life pulsations that could make even the most devoted of wallflowers want to step out of their comfort zone and onto the dancefloor this March.

The remix of “Smile” is a little more polished production-wise than the original track is, but I wouldn’t say that either versions of this song even come close to sounding, or feeling, overproduced. It’s common for indie artists who experiment with as wide-ranging a palate of styles as AV Super Sunshine does to run into some dead-ends when creating numerous mixes for a single composition, but somehow, this guy seems to come up with a fresh idea for every inch of sonic depth that he pressurizes into a melody.

I would be really curious to hear how AV Super Sunshine plays “Smile” live, and more specifically, if he has a personal favorite between the two renditions of the song he’s releasing this spring. The music video for the track is perhaps even more communicative of the emotional subtext behind the lyricism here, but even when we’re listening to the original mix all by itself, I’ve personally found the urge to embrace the warm optimism of the harmony (and the words it carries out of the speakers and into the room around us) proves too hard for even hearts of stone to resist.

Hooks, harmonies and cathartic grooves the size of ocean tidal waves await AV Super Sunshine’s growing fan base this spring in the form of “Smile,” “Smile (House Remix)” and the music video inspired by the composition itself, and while his isn’t the only string of indie releases to be excited about right now, it’s certainly worthy of all the hype that it’s been receiving as of late. The American underground is a constantly volatile pool of talent and halfhearted attempts at stardom, but when it comes to consistent success, there aren’t many independent players with the street cred this melody-maker has accrued in the last decade.

Sebastian Cole

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