Though they’re not always the most dominant force to be reckoned with in “Got Lonely Too Early This Morning,” the guitars in this all-new single from Ted Cline are definitely one of the more alluring elements in the track to behold. The centerpiece of any good country song, fancy fretwork finds a friend in a slick arrangement of keys and a humble lead vocal from Cline himself in “Got Lonely Too Early This Morning,” and while this is absolutely among the more calculated compositions I’ve reviewed this month, it’s hardly overwhelming to listen to. This song is a lot like a slow-sipping southern cocktail, and if it’s on par with what we can all expect to hear out of its creator in the future, it should be but the first of many headline-making hits.


There’s definitely a strong Red Dirt influence in this track, and you don’t have to be the world’s biggest country aficionado to appreciate it. The swing in the rhythm is huge and impossible to overstate, and though I would have put a little more emphasis on the bassline as Cline works away from the chorus, the groove here is a physical beast nonetheless. When the vocal connects with the electric guitar parts early on in the song, there’s a seamlessness to the harmony that allows for the instrumentation to bleed into the serenade, making it difficult to tell where one begins and the other ends. This doesn’t make for muddy melodies so much as it produces a heavy-handed aural amalgamation that country fans have been hungry for in 2020.

While I wouldn’t say that the lyrics here are devoid of substance, I can’t see them being as affective if they were conveyed by any singer other than Ted Cline. He puts such a unique stamp on the hook that, try as anyone might, there’s no taking away the identity of “Got Lonely Too Early This Morning” as it’s experienced through the lens of Cline’s drawl. Country is a very emotional genre of music, and even if this isn’t a ballad, there’s still a lot of heart and personal investment on the part of our leading man that isn’t hard to spot at all. Cline is in this for more than a paycheck; with chops like his, it’s clear that music is as much his life as it is his livelihood.

Those who live for country harmonies of a supreme quality should definitely make a point to check out Ted Cline’s “Got Lonely Too Early This Morning” before the month of June has come to an end. With a summer swing that is prime fodder for the dancefloor, this is one track that doesn’t require a lot of amplification to get everyone within earshot of its beat in the mood to shake. There hasn’t been a lot of decent indie country worth writing home about in the last couple of months, but provided Cline can build on the momentum of this release, that narrative could change sooner than later.

Sebastian Cole

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