Slow and steamy yet not hesitant nor lacking in impulsiveness of the best sort, the groove in HeIsTheArtist’s new single “Boom – Love Version” is as much a communicator of emotion as any of the words being crooned to us are, if not a little more so in a couple of key moments. HeIsTheArtist establishes himself as a man who values a good rhythm as me as he does an accessible rhyme in “Boom – Love Version,” and although there are plenty of hot singles hitting record store shelves around the country this summer, there’s not a doubt in my mind that this is one of the more soul-powered and gospel-friendly beat anthems you’re going to be able to acquire at the moment, mainstream or underground alike.

Beyond its fantastic grooving, “Boom – Love Version” often feels like a track that was designed to highlight the phenomenal vocal that HeIsTheArtist is in possession of. There’s not a lot of potency to his delivery in terms of volume, but his actual execution is superb; spot-on charming when it counts the most and aligned with the instrumentation as to create as touching a harmony as possible. He knew that to win big in this song, he had to take it descend into a near-whisper, making it all the more likely for listeners to follow his voice down the rabbit hole and into the cushy arms of an erotic beat. The faith-based element to the lyrics keeps things clean, but make no mistake about it – this is a love song if I ever heard on before.

I would have liked just a little more bass in the big picture here, but I can also understand why HeIsTheArtist wanted to keep that element to a minimum as well. The excess in R&B, in instrumentation and lyrical imagery just the same, has been sending a lot of mainstream artists straight into a creative brick wall – and fans are noticing – and therefor I think it was smart of this player to try something a bit more lean and mean. He doesn’t need to repeat the mistakes of his peers nor the forerunners of gospel and soul, and on this occasion he’s showing us there’s nothing that can stop his determination to be an original in every way.


Though I only just recently found out about HeIsTheArtist for the first time, I’m already interested in hearing more of his material. There’s definitely enough talent here to support the creation of a full-length studio album, and if what he’s presenting himself as in the Haiku EP – from which “Boom – Love Version” can be found, along with two other mixes of the song – is a fair representation of who he’s going to be in his future output, this definitely won’t be the only single he cuts to relative acclaim. Both critics and fans can’t deny the magic that a soft soul ballad can spark up on the spot, and that’s exactly what this track does every time it’s played.

Sebastian Cole