Music in itself is a spiritual experience, and that connection, that power is exerted so eloquently from artist to listener. When singers and songwriters combine faith, religion and spirituality into the recipe, the resulting outcome puts on full display the power of humanity. It goes beyond music. Christian singer/songwriter Antwan Jenkins shares his faith, his testament with the world in his two new songs, “More Of You” and “Victory”. All of him, and all his words are poured into these songs and it’s evident that his faith guides him in all that he pursues.


Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he is leader of Unified Worship, Jenkins parlays his oratory skills very easily into his singing. He’s a work of art unto himself, and his voice just the perfect mix of baritone and alto. His impressive voice is unveiled in both “More Of You” and “Victory”. The fact that he penned both is even more exciting. The listener is swept away by his honesty and integrity. Even if you’re reading this and feel a bit timid or put off by Christian music, I urge you to re-consider. These songs are very enjoyable, no matter the context. Jenkins’ voice is too good to ignore.

“More Of You” has a dazzling piano arrangement. It’s like the clouds moving in, opening in the sky and giving the listener a blank canvass to paint their emotional reaction. Jenkins does just that – gives his own rendition of what the Lord means to him and how we all need more of the Lord in our lives. As a man singing, he comes across fatherly, or even as a big brother. If he were a woman, I think it would still come across very sympathetic and lovely, but when Jenkins sings, it’s like he’s connecting with the listener in a more philosophical way. He shows his vulnerability in the positive message of the song. In that regard, he reminds me of John Legend and even a little bit of Ray Parker, Jr. I’d love to hear him sing a few other tunes – his voice is just so awesome!

Jenkins’ “Victory” spices things up. It’s still a very wholesome song, don’t you worry, but the undercurrent of music is juicier, meatier with horns, percussion, piano, guitar and a bass guitar. Jenkins vocals reach higher, and he sings of the feeling of overcoming the devil and when you have Jesus on your side, you’re victorious. At its very core, “Victory” is a game plan for life in general. Amidst the funky backdrop, Jenkins gives modern religion a fun, easy to escape-into groove that solidifies his own artistry. Jenkins doesn’t require the listener to do anything but be open-minded and open-hearted. There is no deep scripture reading or hidden prose. Fans of all music can embrace that….it’s so simple. He’s made his mark in the Christian and gospel music world in his hometown, and this first foray into the national and international scene is an excellent jumping off point. “More Of You” and “Victory” encapsulate an artist sharing the love of God and His teachings.

Sebastian Cole