There’s no shortage of chills to behold in the new single/video combo from FrankySelector “She’s so Carefree,” but if you ask me, the main source of this song’s excitement can be traced to its amazing vocal harmonies. Reminiscent of a 70’s soul that sounds particularly warm in this crossover analogue mix, the voices coming together to comprise the bedrock of this track are definitely reason enough to give FrankySelector a lot of praise this month, and it would surprise me if I were the only critic remarking as much. His style is authentic, his sound classic, and his conceptualism in this latest release quite refreshing indeed.


The beat is as solid as a rock, but it never steals the thunder away from the lead vocal. There are a couple of moments in which it feels like the two elements are competing for our attention, but rather than this leading into chaos, it actually bodes well for the flow of the song. We’re faced with constant action around every twist and turn in “She’s so Carefree,” usually balanced out by the anxious rhythm of the instruments of all things, making its vibe as geared towards the cognac-sipping jazz fan intellectual as it is the ganja-smoking groove aficionado.

These saxophone accents are more streamlined than the rest of the track’s components are, but the abstract adornment not only works brilliantly amidst the eclectic arrangement, it actually makes the music feel as new school as it is old. It’s hard for a composition to exist in two worlds at once, toeing the line between aesthetics and genre classifications without rejecting – or adhering – to the core principles of either exclusively, and yet FrankySelector is still managing to make it look and sound all too easy in this latest provocative release.


Those who have never heard FrankySelector’s music before are probably going to have as strong a reaction to this single and its accompanying music video as any of his diehard fans will, and though it’s not the only interesting song in his catalogue of recordings, it could be one of the most cohesive while still retaining an eccentric identity. I wasn’t very familiar with the extent of his complete discography until just recently, but as I’m sure his intention was all along, “She’s so Carefree” definitely roused my curiosities enough to explore what he’s done in the last few years. He’s doing some amazing work here, and I sincerely doubt this track will be the last of his domestic hits.

Sebastian Cole