Birmingham based Jaco breaks out on Dose with a wonderful ten tracks anyone can listen to in the depressing 2020 Covid-19 era.  The songs are truly magnificent and really fit in at the right time for all that is going on in the world these are positive and uplifting songs of the power pop variety of which any indie music lover can appreciate.  It is like a gift, as are most releases during this time of crazy uncertainty as we look upon a new frontier, not just in music but for just about everything worth providing an opinion about lately.


“Outer Space” sets the entire tone for this eclectic batch of straight forward but very-diverse album full of well written, produced and arranged pop-laden songs.  It starts the album off on a somber note, but it’s very hypnotic and just plain enjoyable.  You’re wanting more and you get it track after track, with “Weigh You,” starting what is the rest of a solid outing as Jaco gets more into his low-end vocal prowess.  And “Fabergé” earns my selection for the album’s finest track, with a couple of close contenders, one of them behind it and one of them up next.

“Bluebird” is that very pretty track that you just can’t knock for anything it’s worth, it’s as good as anything on Dose gets.  I love the way they all mingle together as well, it’s a very well arranged set of tracks that compliment as they play in order.  The amazing “Sign Of A Struggle” is where the proceedings get most serious before putting the lights back on, but it is needed is a couple of areas where that delivers and this is but one of them.  It also takes the bombastic “Missing Man” right along with it for the bumpiest ride of the disc.

“In The Sea” is another highlight moment on Dose, with its majestic lyrics and esoteric delivery, it rates up there with the best to be heard on this album for sure.  Songs like this have more than meaning, they make you move inside and out.  “Somebody Told Me” also has that same effect only it sweeps you in another direction and wins you over in a different way.  The skill set of Jaco, and the way he emotes a song is everything to the outcome of the album, and he meets his own standard without question.

The closer you get to the end of Dose, the better it gets and you don’t want it to be over, but it’s an album that plays in succession with your choice of favorites, so when you look at it that way it’s never over.  “Things In A Dream” is a fabulous listening experience, it has everything I am looking for in a modern pop song, spiced with a little unavoidable age.  And savoring the best for last, leaving with “Grow Up Together” is how any good album should end and this one is worth the price of admission at jump.

Sebastian Cole