When Savannah Nider sings, the world listens. Peppered into her new single “We Are Us” are trinkets of country, Americana and Christian-leaning lyrics and arrangements. A storyteller with a heart of gold, “We Are Us” has Savannah singing this heart filled song with grace. It’s an introduction to the world and especially to country music fans that Savannah is building the foundation for a long, evergreen career.

A sense of decency and reflection are at the heart of this song, too. Savannah, whose voice is a mix of bluesy-textures and country twangs, unmistakably comes across as one-of-a-kind. She has this sweet, innocence tendril that reaches, reaches for something in all of us. It awakens a comfort that just hasn’t been nudged in some time. We are us, we still pray, we still love every single day, yeah, we heal the broken, Savannah sings in the chorus. Keep our hearts open, she continues, singing like the ghosts of Nashville and all the female artists before her have forged the way. She can hold her own, she can rise to the top. Her voice is at its best when she sings the chorus. The song’s music bed is rich in movement and plays out like a ribbon weaving in and out of a dancer’s hands. It’s fitting for the song; a lush electric guitar wains into the night, at the same time peeping through the song like a golden harvest. The guitar adds a golden lining (not a silver lining, mind you) to the song and it further enhances Savannah’s already alchemy vocals.

The drums also navigate an important role in “We Are Us”. The tepid percussion rolls in and out like a sheepish thunder…pick-pocketing the sonic pockets in ways that the guitar and the presumed electronic keys cannot. It’s a nice contrast to Savannah’s vocals, but the luck of the draw is on the side of Savannah’s vocals. She steers and steals the show. The background music is just that – behind Savannah. “We Are Us” allows the listener to escape into the caring mood, and universal love we share as humans. The sincere message hits home. She makes it personal by using the lyric ‘us’ and that really makes it work. I liked how this song had this overall warm Instagram filter. Families looking for a fresh Spotify playlist, should consider this, if they are shielding their children from tracks on Top 40 radio. This passes a lot of checklists.

Savannah, who hails from Pawnee City, Nebraska, a small town in the southeast corner of the state, has that homesteader grit embedded in her spirit. After college and marriage, she and her husband packed up and moved to Nashville. She’s working with producer Bryan Cole and Grammy-winning engineer, Steve Marcantonio. The song “We Are Us” is an impressive debut effort and highlights Savannah’s vocal strengths. I think this young, talented singer is on the cusp of something really big. “We Are Us” is a major step forward in the right direction.

Sebastian Cole