It’s happening around us, Bill Abernathy sings in his new song, “More Than Meets The Eye”. Disguised as a politically-charged tune, Abernathy smuggles in his own mesmerizing electric guitar fused with folk/Americana storytelling. The unforgettable percussion beats are another section in this must-listen. “More Than Meets The Eye”, in my eyes, is more than a political song – it’s a story of resilience and rallying cry.

There’s more than this than meets the eye, decisions based on biased on lies, determining who lives and dies, whose freedom are lost, whose justice is blind, there more than this than meets the eye, Abernathy sings. His voice is one of someone that’s been around. He’s told his stories on the front porch to a few youngsters, he’s slung his songs on the stages throughout the country. He just has that leathered tone in his voice. Imagine Harry Chapin Carpenter meets Johnny Cash. Abernathy, who is based in Kansas City, Missouri, doesn’t have an accent but his Midwestern roots have that elbow grease character going for this song.

Abernathy’s bests the rest when it comes to adding the drum arrangement in “More Than Meets The Eye”. With semblances of Native American patterns and 70s rock vibes (Iron Butterfly comes to mind), the drum fills in “More Than Meets The Eye” are masterful. The percussion is just so tight and invoke an almost spiritual emotion. I didn’t feel like crying, but I felt pride. I felt like this is the type of song that people would underestimate. I can shout from the mountaintops that it exceeds expectations. The drums invigorate and call the listener to move forward, keep pushing. Abernathy’s spirit is to convey the rebellious American freedom pursuit. This song also had me re-examining, like many people are these days, the news outlets and how we obtain news. Are they biased? Sure. They don’t hide it. Abernathy’s commentary is just that – to question what is really going on with government, with news reporting and what is really happening with the pandemic.

He takes a strange but eye-opening turn in the song’s bridge. The pure misinformation, the mental masturbation, talking heads ejaculate agendas, the facts are all negotiable, the talking points adaptable, Abernathy slays. You can really get the picture when he sings those lines. I was a bit surprised, at first, but the more I listened to the song, the more it made sense. Sometimes you have to be graphic and outlandish to get your point across. In such a divided time in our nation’s history, I don’t think these words can come as such a shock. A bit hard to escape (I’m kidding) but those lines are memorable. Abernathy doesn’t hold back and he’s braver than most songwriters. In the end, it works.

“More Than Meets The Eye” might become Abernathy’s signature song. This modern-day poet brings to the table a lively conversation. Abernathy deserves high praise for his exceptional guitar playing and controversial lyrics. If you’re looking for a song that puts to words the doubts you have in the government and in the media, then “More Than Meets The Eye” meets your criteria.

Sebastian Cole