Not a moment passes in the new song “Tomorrow Is Today” from singer/songwriter Ed Roman that you don’t feel the synergy between Roman’s lyrics and his exquisite guitar playing. Even when you find yourself swirling around in the percussion and the exhaustive reverb, Roman finds a way to juggle things even more with his throbbing bass guitar. Sounding like the true artist he is and leaving it all out on the table in this one song, Roman’s contagious confidence and exceptional musicality is one for the ages.

The theme of “Tomorrow Is Today” is living for today. Taking today by the horns and run with it. I think Roman’s natural cadence, showing off a bit of rebelliousness, suits this idea. He’s a new voice to me, but Roman’s worldly-charm seems to excude a man of the people. He could very well be the guy at the end of the bar sipping on a microbrew. He could also easily be the guy walking down Fifth Avenue sipping on a local, artisan coffee. I like that about his voice. There’s a bit of mystery and eclectic demeaner rolled into one, happening throughout “Tomorrow Is Today”. It would be fascinating to spend a day in his shoes. He just has that ‘it’ factor permeating around his essence. When he sings a billion miles to go (also sounding like it could be a million miles to go) he makes his point that some days seem longer than others. It might start out like one you have to trudge through, but at the end of the day, it could still turn out to be amazing.

The rhythm section is tight. There are glimpses and moments where the bass guitar, sounding funky and rubbery, has the full attention. I really enjoyed how Roman had that mixed into the final cut. It has a lot of mojo. You don’t want to squander away this chance. The bellowing bass guitar makes it so easy to just let go, just float away into the day with its tone. I can easily imagine this song on the live stage it being a barn burner of a song. In fact, I think Roman does a great job of bringing that high flying stage energy into the studio. It’s not an easy thing to do and he accomplishes this with ease. Drums, very steady as expected, add to the perfect blend. Roman takes you down the pathway, the beats kick it up a notch every step of the way. It’s taught to his voice, with the rocking’ guitar peppering into the picture. By the song’s end, you’ve arrived at fulfilling rock track. It’s an ideal experience and Roman’s grounded voice is tops.

“Tomorrow Is Today” is a great song to have in your back pocket for those mornings that need an extra injection of inspiration. It’s charged enough to feel like a rock track, but not the kind that will melt your face. I think fans of Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band and even Jimi Hendrix will dig this beat and Roman’s vibe. It has a wide swath of appeal and keeps ascending. You feel elevated, replenished after listening.

Sebastian Cole