The heart swells with joy while listening to the new song “You’re My Little Cowgirl” from Dudley Allen. A song fit for the mid-afternoon charm-hour, or a weekend reflection, Allen is at his best when he’s singing from his heart. It’s only a matter of time where the country and Americana fanbase turn their attention to Dudley’s winning combination of top tier instrumentation and plain-spoken lyricism. “You’re My Little Cowgirl” wrangles these two foundations together and makes for a fantastic song.


Allen’s guitar work is vibrant, like a stallion leading the pack. I wondered aloud if this song is about his daughter, or even his wife. He keeps it pretty vague in terms of romanticism. I’m okay with that – I think sometimes artists and songwriters pigeon hole themselves with listeners if they are too specific. Allen’s songwriting gave me more mystery to play with, greater means to explore his thoughts and his point-of-view. As a listener I really appreciated this long leash. I really got into a groove with the tempo, leaving me wondering even more so if you could put this in the country rock annals. It’s like the bursting guitar waves shower over the drums, but leave enough room for the skins to pound through. Allen is laid back, almost stoic in his delivery. That’s not to say he doesn’t bring a natural harmony and even amber-laced embellishment in his voice. I felt a strong sense of kindness in his voice.

It’s easy to turn onto the sonic journey that Allen presents in “You’re My Little Cowgirl” and he makes it just as easy to embrace his lyrical story. He’s not hiding behind any mysterious prose, and keeps to the you’re my cowgirl, you’re everything to me, as the cadence of his voice and the music bedrock sweep the listener off their feet. I’m certain that fans of the country line dancing will be enamored with the rhythm Allen displays. If you’re not a fan of dancing and just want to drift away into a lovely tune, you can’t go wrong with “You’re My Little Cowgirl”. It’s just as moving in terms of the soul and recalling the special women and ladies in your life as it is to be a fun night on the dance floor.


Allen’s sister Kim, has also recorded several of his songs. She has been played outside of the United States and has had success in Europe, United Kingdom and Australia. Allen describes his background in the music industry as being the ‘gofer’ in the Loretta Lynn Show. He was sound engineer, but as a talented multi-instrumentalist, he could also fill in as a steel-guitar player. Well, this ‘gofer’ is definitely going places with the wonderful “You’re My Little Cowgirl”. It’s a bright spot on the 2021 music calendar and let’s hope it’s the start of Allen churning out more. He’s really set the bar high for his single. I think listeners will really like him and the impressive musicality he brings to the table.

Sebastian Cole

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