The youth are the future, and the music industry, in particular, seems directly affected by this more than most areas of entertainment with the ever-changing fads and social media platforms ebbing and flowing harder than the tide. With the colossal rise of youth musicians like Billie Eilish, Noah Cyrus, and Lil Nas X in the last few years, it seems like the kids are indeed alright as they have a tighter grasp on the art of advertising and marketing via platforms like TikTok than most seasoned veterans that have worked in music for years. It’s no wonder DICI, an up-and-coming rapper has pivoted focus after graduating high school this year to being a full-time musician.

Fresh off the release of his debut self-titled EP, newcomer DICI isn’t one to slow down. Summoning his inner superhero, DICI has spent the last year locked indoors but instead of balancing the insane workload that comes with being a high school student against crime fighting, he’s decided to stack the former against arguably the even greater demands of being a musical artist trying to break into the mainstream.

Returning with the debut single “Five Rings” off of the impending debut seven-track album DOSES, DICI is dead set on making his staying power as clear as possible. On its origin, DICI says “‘Five Rings’ […] comes from ‘The Book of Five Rings,’ a text on kejutsu and the martial arts written by 17th Century Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.” Featuring melodic flexes as well as production and bars that feel far beyond the years of a seventeen-year-old straight out of high school, “Five Rings” is a grand opening statement for a young man who heralds from the grand cities of Miami and Milan. Even grander, DICI already has his own label.

The speed of DICI’s arrival has been breakneck, and “Five Rings” touches on this, along with his eponymous EP. There is no room for doubt in DICI’s mind in regards to the coming success he will soon saddle, and his confidence is palpable enough to make listeners believe in his upcoming wins, too. One almost feels indebted to the global pandemic, in a way, for freeing up so much time that would have otherwise felt unreachable — it’s worth chewing on the concept that an avalanche of new, insanely talented artists are he, and one of the premier undiscovered Rap talents in the industry today – PERIOD!

Sebastian Cole