The newest single by multimedia sensation, Sarantos is “I Never Catch The Train.” Sarantos is a one of a kind, you could say. In addition to being a musician, he also writes books, poetry, and hosts his own radio show. His social media numbers are strong, and he seems skilled in the art of self promotion. His accolades are bountiful, performing well in a Grammy voting poll, as well as maintaining the number 1 spot on Reverbnation in his genre and region.

On “I Never Catch The Train,” Sarantos sings with a noticeable accent and a soft, innocent quality to his voice. He is likely, quite young, but his views and self awareness make him come across as well developed. Sarantos describes himself as something of a loner, who is in the process of coming out of his shell, a bit. His shyness actually gives “I Never Catch The Train,” some of its tone, and the song deals with themes, such as alienation and loneliness. Though, slightly strange and awkward, Sarantos’ demeanor casts him as a sincere, and forthcoming person.

Musically, “I Never Catch The Train,” isn’t virtuosic by any means. The most impressive thing for Sarantos, are some of the impressive notes he hits, throughout the piece. He has a higher register, and there are moments that are quite flattering for him, vocally. Lyrically, there is some run on phrasing, that can be cringe inducing. The lyrical content itself veers in between pedestrian and deep.

The lyric video for “I Never Catch The Train,” shows Sarantos filming on his cellphone on what looks like a pier of some sort. We then see shifting images of couples in love, interspersed with individuals in a suggested state of loneliness. The contrast is quite clear, and Sarantos does a good job of providing a mood for the setting. Again, the theme is that of feeling alienated, and the sometimes painful reminders of being in such a state. No matter what Santoros does, he just never seems to be there when his train comes.

The world turns/seasons changed/lessons learned/fade away/world turns grey. Sarantos is capable of going off the deep end and exploring more layered emotions. At least, that’s what would be indicated by “I Never Catch The Train.” Sarantos will churn out a lyric that touches a nerve, often only to revert back to something naïve or innocuous. It mostly works for him, as Sarantos has something of a boyish charm.

This track might not resonate with everyone, but many will relate to Sarantos in some ways. He fully embraces his individuality, even if he is still getting completely comfortable in his own skin. He has a long ways to go, but if he takes a strong look at the potential of his work, and enhances the positives, he is capable of making great strides. We are entering a period in which we all will be well served to take things more seriously, and take on a more immediate sense of urgency. Sarantos may have missed this train, but he’s right where he needs to be to catch the next one.

Written by Mark Ryan, posted by Sebastian Cole