When starting up Izzie’s Caravan’s debut LP Blow The Lid, the intentions are put on deep display and the shots are called (literally in some songs with the use of gunshot sound effects) loudly and proudly — the opening track “Roadkill Rita” is an unabashedly rollicking good time and a fantastically efficient way to showcase the band’s talents as the group effortlessly gives listeners their take at inventing a freshly classic rock track. Immediately, audiences will note Izzie’s crystal clear guitar intonation meshed against Sim, the lead vocalist, and his gravelly rock ’n’ roll pipes.

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There’s plenty of space for guitar solos, too, and the drum work put on the track keeps up without any hesitation. It’s inherent to the overall aesthetic of the album that “Roadkill Rita” sets the tone for the songs to come, and the apparent lack of conflict between band members coming together to create something so solid is something well worth applauding.

Blow The Lid is an album with great strengths and little faults; there’s never a visible dip in quality, but there are plenty of high points! Some specific tracks worth focusing on to get a full taste for the album include the title track “Blow The Lid,” which contains the aforementioned gunshot sound effects and a deeply angry message that attacks the modern political landscape in a heavily stylized fashion that almost recalls the tone and ambition of Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls.”

There’s never a moment’s hesitation in the band’s approach to paying tribute to their influences while ultimately knocking down their walls and paving the way forward for their sound. Another song that feels almost overwhelmed within itself yet never overflows under the weight of its ambition, which is shocking considering its length, is the album-closer “Curse of Anastasia.” The song attempts a vast amount in its lifespan and accomplishes just about everything it sets out to; the length does grow a bit thin in the face within its ambitious runtime but for fans that have made it this far, the bravado far eclipses any boredom that might attach itself to a song as long as some other band’s entire albums.

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There’s a great deal to admire from Izzie’s Caravan, and the fact that they are not only able to attempt things as out there as that album finale but successfully pull them off is worth applauding. The attempt alone would be something worth cheering on, but the landing is something well-stuck. It raises the question of whether or not Izzie’s Caravan can attempt it a second time, or if they’ll perform it live, but the studio effort as it stands is quite the achievement. The entire album may not be built of eight tracks all twenty minutes in length but that doesn’t discount the quality contained within the prior seven entries within Blow The Lid; each song serves a deep purpose and accomplishes a great amount no matter what its length.

There’s merit in the possibility of a concept album helmed by the group, with their flair for storytelling in full effect at various times across the album, but until then, consider this lid justifiably blown.

Sebastian Cole