The quest for worldwide acclaim is nothing new when it comes to the chase for stardom, but the accessibility of such dreams might just be the easiest (and least predictable) it’s ever been. With the entire online world at a musician’s fingertips, there’s never been more of a “gold rush” mentality of a time to craft and market art, be it visual or audio-driven.

Most artists find themselves wearing a dozen hats in regards to their careers, as opposed to the one or two at most that superstars of yesteryear would wear, but the hands-on approach has offered artists and sounds that would have otherwise never made it into the limelight a moment to shine. How brief that moment ends up being falls directly on the shoulders of the artists, but the pursuit is a great deal of the fun.

For international success story Hannyta, the teenage globetrotting pop star with several awards behind her, the act of reinvention is a crucial piece of the artistic process. Inhabiting different areas of the musical zeitgeist through a variety of remixes, her latest single “17” is giving the young artist a wide breadth of platforms and textures from which to offer her latest musical outing. “17 (Housen Boombox Remix)” functions as the backbone of the reimaginings, honing in on the recent boom in popularity surrounding the dance and EDM scene. Shifting from a straightforward rock-driven approach to something so distinctly out of left field with the remix, Hannyta seems set on distinguishing herself from the competition.

While most contemporaries would see fit to offer a stripped-down or unplugged version of their best songs, Hannyta accelerates full force in the other direction by adding a great deal to the song instead. Practically reshaping “17” from the ground up, while the lyrical content remains the same there is still a great deal of difference between the two tracks, which allows both iterations of the single to function almost entirely as standalone entries within Hannyta’s discography.

The ability of Hannyta to completely craft a retooled version of a song that is at its core very open and revealing would be a stunning revelation for an artist at any age but for someone so young to have the insight to retool a song as vital to themselves as “17,” taking it from a somber track to something that belongs at a celebratory afterparty, is truly outstanding. Hannyta and her team have their fingers on the pulse of modern music, and they’re giving the fans a variety of roads to walk down when they seek her music out. Equipping “17 (Housen Boombox Remix)” with as much adrenaline and gusto as Hannyta did was the perfect formula for a song destined to top the charts.

The track feels universal in its upbeat production and singable lyrics, and the warm vocal performance from Hannyta brings everything full circle. It’s a rare occurrence for a remix to outpace the radio single edit, but if any song were to, there’s a substantial chance that “17 (Housen Boombox Remix)” will do just that.

Sebastian Cole