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Author: Sebastian Cole

Diver Through Pulls an “All Nighter” 

Written by on 24 September 2022

Diver Through’s All Nighter sizes up as, based on title and cover art alone, some ribald but ultimately meaningless rock album. Surfaces don’t mean a lot to this band. Dive into their third album’s music, however, and you find that Diver Through and its main songwriter Michael Baynes are interested in far more than rocking your socks […]

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Sisteria Releases New Music

Written by on 12 September 2022

In “Burial Ground,” the aptly-titled closing number in Sisteria’s new record Dark Matter, the metallic hue of the other songs in this tracklist is replaced by an ominousness much more fitting of the proto-heavy rock heroes that the band takes a lot of influence from than it is anything else in the indie rock spectrum. […]

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Cover Song Contest from Masterpiece Sound Studios

Written by on 5 August 2022

 Cover Song Contest from Masterpiece Sound Studios Detroit gives musicians a shot at a $25K grand prize, and a Detroit concert spot In Partnership with Sony Music Publishing  Calling all musically talented artists! We’re looking for singers, musicians, producers, and re-mixers who are game to makeover a classic Motown Hit!  Legendary Motown songwriter and record […]

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Smomid Releases “Cyber Solstice”

Written by on 1 August 2022

Attentive listeners shouldn’t struggle much with Smomid’s Cyber Solstice. Nick Demopoulos’s project covers a gamut of musical possibilities ranging from instruments he’s constructed himself, traditional instruments, synths, keyboards, and other pre-programmed additions. One possible way of summing up Smomid’s musical vision is saying his compositional sense superimposes unique colors and borders on traditional forms. You will hear […]

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BB Cole Releases Debut Album

Written by on 26 July 2022

If you’re a big fan of country music and like to keep up with the genre’s contemporary culture, you already know that the last few years have been a time of great inconsistency in Nashville. What was once a style of music defined by its continuity has become a fractured, multilayered aesthetic as broadminded as […]

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Paul Hatem “When I Get Old” LP

Written by on 19 July 2022

Paul Hatem’s breezy new album When I Get Old is the folk album you’ve been waiting for. There’s something innately sunny about When I Get Old that makes it perfect for driving around on a warm summer evening. Hatem has been quietly revitalizing folk for most of his adult life, using his envious songwriting skills […]

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